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Work and Travel Organizations You Should Know

Have you ever dreamed of traveling while doing something meaningful? Well, in this article we talk all about the work and travel concept. If you’re looking for a way to get started, then you’re in the right place! Here, we’ll tell you all about some work and travel organizations that you can explore to make your work and travel dreams come true.

Working abroad gives you occupational, linguistic, and personal experiences. You can also earn money and get housing accommodations. This way, you can fully enjoy your adventure and work at the same time! Working abroad is also perfect for students who take a gap year after graduating from their high school or university. It’s great for clearing your head. It’s best to inform yourself beforehand on which work and travel organizations exist out there, so we’ve provided a list of a few popular ones.

Work and Travel Organizations

You can plan your adventure on your own or with an organization’s help. The latter gives you the advantage of not having to face problems on your own. These organizations support you when writing applications, getting a visa, booking a flight, or finding accommodations. Keep in mind that some organizations provide more support than others.

The choice is yours. You only have to consider that there may be costs for the services offered by these companies. This is why it’s important to calculate how much money you want to spend. To get an overview of these international organizations, we have taken a closer look at four, which we will review below.


Workaway provides an amazing platform when looking to work abroad. On their website, travelers and employers can register. This means you have direct contact with your future bosses. Workaway requires that its employers provide housing. You might also get paid for your work.

With Workaway, no matter where you travel to, there are endless possibilities. The organization will make you feel welcome in every corner of the world. If you are feeling spontaneous, select the “last minute” option on their website. This allows you to start your adventure abroad as soon as you’d like.

What job opportunities are there? This isn’t easy to answer because there is so much variety. You can support NGOs or charitable projects or assist families and schools. If you’d rather be in nature, it’s possible to take care of animals, work on a ship, or even help out on a farm. You can also help keep a house in good condition when the owners are gone for a long time.

What’s great about this platform is that you can get into contact with other travelers. It is also possible to travel with a partner or children. This means you don’t have to go on your journey alone. Workaway provides support by creating a community that will help you plan your travel.


If you care about animals and organic farming, WWOOFing is the right fit for you. Here, you will find farms all around the world where you can work. This includes a bamboo farm in The Gambia, a horse farm in Mongolia, or even a honey farm in Finland. It can be hard to decide with so many options!

This organization came into existence 50 years ago. They offer a huge variety of experiences in this area. But don’t limit yourself to their international platform. They also have individual WWOOF websites for specific countries. Make sure you take a closer look!

The farm owners don’t just want to find workers, they also want to pass on their knowledge about farming. So, not only will you work and travel, but you’ll also learn something useful! Sounds perfect, right? You have to register at their website and pay a small fee of roughly €20 a year. From there, begin contacting farms right away to start your journey!


TravelWorks offers a work and travel program in six countries. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Norway, and Portugal. So, you have many options.

The combination programs they have are particularly interesting. For example, when it comes to their Australia program, you can get a job, do a language program to improve your language skills, or engage in an environmental protection project. If you’re keen on exploring, book an adventure trip.

Something to note is they have advertised many jobs in tourism. This means if you’re already in the area, you can get additional experiences with TravelWorks abroad. The same goes for technical jobs or pedagogical work. The latter refers mainly to child and youth care in holiday camps. This is amazing for gathering experience. If this isn’t enough for you, you can also do internships abroad.

TravelWorks supports you by helping with the application process. They also offer courses and help you with the visa procedure. Plus, they’ll always be by your side when problems arise. This way you are never unsupported.


The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) has already helped around 1.8 million people work and travel. You could be one of them! If you have questions about booking flights, gathering information, or applying for a permit of residence – AIFS has the answers. They even store your packages and letters, which is very useful. When using AIFS, you only have to consider where you’d like to go.

Have you ever dreamed of working in a kindergarten on the Fiji Islands? Or maybe you prefer helping sea turtles in Sri Lanka and studying elephants? Then, AIFS is a good match for you. You can even work on a farm or ranch in South Africa or Ireland. They have endless job opportunities. For example, you can work as an Au Pair or intern on the beautiful island of Bali or the exotic areas in Thailand. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to AIFS: for most jobs, you have to be 18 years old and have a European Passport. Good language proficiency is also a must, and you need certain travel documents, as well as an EU passport that has a clear image of your face. It is important for this organization that you are fit and flexible. If all this applies to you, then you are good to go!


You can apply for many interesting jobs when it comes to working abroad. This includes working on a farm, at a charitable organization, or a school. It’s a great way to make money while traveling the world. Naturally, you’ll also have countless meaningful experiences. Employers often look for individuals with experience with these work and travel organizations, which makes it a career booster!

There are many international organizations that will help you when it comes to planning. You decide how much support you want, but we advise that you research each organization’s offers to make the right decision for you.

Each organization is different. For example, Workaway and WWOOFing offer online spaces for you to look for a job. You’ll have to get into contact with the employers on this platform via message. Once you cover all the necessary details with your employer, you can start your adventure.

If you need more support, then decide between TravelWorks or AIFS. They happily advise and support you throughout the entire process. This is really helpful if you’ve never been abroad before. However, if you’ve already collected some experience, it’s possible to do all the planning yourself. Check out this article for some jobs you could independently search out.

We hope we were able to provide all the information you need to decide! Now that you know everything about the process, there is only one question left: where will you go, and what job will you take?

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