Welcome to the tribe!

Let’s revolutionize 

Backpacking together.

Join our extraordinary tribe of more than 20 nationalities and work with a team of passionate travelers on an app for backpacking 2.0.

What should you bring?

Personal Initiative

You want to constantly improve your skills and talents.

New tasks and new subjects are fun and not scary for you.

You have strong intrinsic motivation and are committed to our vision.


We can only be successful together. That's why we support each other in projects, mistakes and ideas.

We don't need solo players for our starting line-up.

Travel Bug

Our start-up mentality is shaped by the experiences we have had on our travels.

We often share our travel stories in different languages.

Did you know that altogether we have already traveled to 124 countries?

Here’s what’s most important to us!

You don't need a degree from some top university to work for us. Your personality is the most important thing of all! In our experience, traveling shapes and develops your personality significantly.

Besides travel experience, intrinsic motivation and your passion for learning are essential. Talent attracts talent and that' s the only way we can continue to grow.

Have you been wanting to work with the national math champion of Russia or the director of the Travel Film 2021? Then you've come to the right place!

Work Flexibly.

Whether in our offices, your home office or on the road, you can basically work for us from anywhere. Or you could go on a trip with your department and work from the beach in Portugal for two weeks.

Revolutionize Backpacking.

Empower young people to see the world from a new perspective and have experiences they will tell their grandchildren about. Our mission is to redefine backpacking and YOU can contribute to this mission with your efforts.

Team Events.

As backpackers, we understand the importance of time together after work. We like to end our days with a game of Mario Kart and a nice beer together. Or even at a barbecue with beer pong and a campfire.



Ob im Büro, Homeoffice oder auf Reisen. Bei uns kannst du im Prinzip von überall aus arbeiten. Oder verreise doch gleich mit deiner Abteilung und arbeite 2 Wochen vom Strand in Portugal?


das Reisen.

Unterstütze junge Menschen, die Welt mit neuen Augen zu sehen und Erfahrungen zu erleben, von denen sie noch ihren Enkelkindern erzählen werden. Unsere Mission definiert das Backpacking in einem neuen Rahmen und DU kannst diese Mission mit deiner Tatkraft unterstützen.



Als Backpacker verstehen wir, wie wichtig die gemeinsame After Work Zeit ist. Diese lassen wir gerne bei einer Runde Mario Kart und einem gemütlichen Bier ausklingen. Oder auch bei einem Grillabend mit Beerpong und Lagerfeuer.

About the founders.

Fabio & Stephan are the travel-hungry founders behind BackpackerTrail. On their trips around the world, it became clear to them again and again how complex it is to plan such a trip. In conversations with people who have never chosen this path, they have repeatedly encountered the same two problems:

1. The complexity of travel planning discourages many from traveling far away. 

2. Finding a travel partner is often difficult, which is why some 1. travel plans are shattered again.

With BackpackerTrail they want to tackle these problems and enable young people to travel further afield.

Our Founders.

The travel enthusiasts Fabio & Stephan are the founders of Backpacker Trail. Traveling around the world, they realized again and again how complex planning such a trip can be. In conversations with people who have never chosen this path before, they kept hearing about the same two problems:

1. the complexity of planning a trip deters many from traveling far away, and

2. finding a travel partner is often difficult, which is why quite a few travel plans fell through again.

With Backpacker Trail, they want to address these problems and make it possible for young people to travel anywhere.

Is your dream job not listed?

Feel free to send a speculative application with your CV, letter of motivation and a short video to


We look forward to hearing from you!

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