Our Mission.

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Our vision is a world in which all backpackers are able to create, experience and share their own individual trips - and all that with just a few clicks in our WebApp!

About Us.

Our vision is a world where every backpacker - regardless of their financial status - can create, experience and share an individualized journey to develop their own personality and strive for self-discovery.

Our young start-up aims to simplify the complex process of travel planning by processing the user's personal preferences through a web application. That way, a custom itinerary will be designed according to each user's budget.

Backpacking itineraries can be created for over 90 destinations worldwide.

Our business model is to support especially the research, planning and execution of backpacking trips through the service our web app provides, so that organising a trip does not become an obstacle or trigger negative emotions that endanger the excitement about taking a trip.

In addition, sharing one's own itinerary encourages connections with other backpackers with similar interests or travel destinations.

Among other things, our focus is to develop a framework for backpackers that creates personalised trips, including flights, accommodations and transport, at the most affordable rates.

The more young people are inspired by travelling and, with our help, overcome the complexity of the planning process to finally develop their personality and identity as they travel, the more our corporate philosophy is fulfilled.

The web app is also our company's unique selling proposition, as no combination of creating an itinerary and finding a travel partner exists on any other platform on the market to date.

The expertise and passion of our team members bring us closer to our vision of being the one-stop shop for every backpacker who wants to make their dream of travelling come true. But our knowledge, inspiration and support is not just for self-proclaimed globetrotters, but also for backpacking newbies who are just starting their journey of finding themselves and need a last push and encouragement to embark on their first backpacking adventure.

Our Story.

Fabio Hildenbrand

The original inspiration came from his travels around the world and the experience he gained, especially as a backpacker. In retrospect, he identified one problem for travellers: there is no single point of contact to plan a backpacking trip. Every traveler has to laboriously gather all the information from various platforms and websites.

By the way, if you're wondering exactly how many countries Fabio has travelled so far - it's a whopping 55 countries. Crazy, isn't it?

Stephan Ilg

Like Fabio, one of his greatest passions is travelling, getting to know foreign cultures and backpacking. He is particularly fond of the continent of South America and is firmly convinced that he actually is a Latino at heart.

In addition to organising the team, he also works with our developers on our soon-to-be-released web app, which will allow you to create personalised backpacking itineraries.

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We've worked out all the complicated stuff, so you don't have to. Trip planning without any hassle and effort.

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We know that travelling is about experiences. That's why we make it possible for you to find things you want to experience anywhere in the world, based on your personal interests.

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Unsere Mentoren.

Prof. Bernhard Küppers

Former MLP Executive Board member I Professor of Entrepreneurship I Head of Gründer Institut Heidelberg I Business Angel.

Pete Lindow

Former CTO HolidayCheck I Expert in Travel Tech I Globetrotter

Michael Farrenkopf

Managing Director Association of Mercedes-Benz Representatives (VMB) I Young Entrepreneur I Travel Enthusiast

Greg Prickril

Product manager, shipping products at
IBM, Microsoft and SAP
Co-founder at career.pm and LeBox. wine

Nelson Farfan

Fortune 100 Brand Equity builder.
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Keynote Speaker. Venture
development Managing director, M&A, Advisory
board member.

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