Meet Our Team

Welcome to our Tribe!

Our exceptional tribe consists of more than 20 nationalities who all share one passion: backpacking. As part of the tribe, you don't work for us, but rather with us!

The Team.

Fabio Hildenbrand
CEO / Founder

Stephan Ilg
COO / Co-Founder

Dominik Doerner
Product Owner

Werner Seidel
Head of Design

Maira Villena
Head of Social Media

Kamran Valijonov
Lead Software Engineer Backend

Esther Bartholomew
Translation Manager

Elena Gall
Office Manager

Eva Wild
Content Manager

Daniel Kurth
Social Media Manager

Marie Jonna Krieger
People & Culture Manager

Mahmudul Hasan
Website Manager

Paula Álvarez
Translation Manager

Christian Sacchi
Personal Branding LinkedIn Manager

Johnbosco Okoror
Senior Software Engineer Backend

Lucas Castro
Junior UX-UI Designer

Jan Schreindorfer
Customer Service Manager

Vitor Gomes
Junior UX-UI Designer

Hamed Hafeznia
Software Engineer Frontend

Nico Fähnders
Personal Branding

Tursunali Kholdorov
Junior Software Engineer Backend & Data

Hamed Bohloul
Senior Software Engineer Frontend

A typical day at

Backpacker Trail.

We know from our own experience that planning a backpacking trip is not that easy. Which destination suits me? What is the best way to get from A to B? What costs should I expect?

The internet is full of information, but where do you even start looking? Research is tedious, time-consuming and deters many from realising their dream of a backpacking adventure.

What kind of

service do we offer?

To start with, we don't sell trips ourselves, but we help you find the best market price for your backpacking trip.

We do not offer a standardised package of services that is ready to book, but a framework to enable you to create your individualized experience. This framework includes offers for flights, accommodations and transport at your destination.

For this purpose, we have developed a new web app that will be launched in 2021!

Through the web app, you will be able to create your own personalised itinerary by selecting your interests and activities. Once you have designed the perfect itinerary for you, you will receive an e-mail with the finished plan, and all you have to do is book it all. ;)

Once an itinerary is created, you have the option to also publish it and share it with other backpackers on our platform. If a backpacker scrolls through these routes, he or she has the possibility to contact you and you can start the backpacking adventure together.

If something still isn’t clear, please contact us via Whatsapp or write us a message via the contact form.

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