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Why Vacation in Macedonia?

Are you planning to spend your next vacation in a country that has a lot to offer, but is still a real insider’s secret? Then let us introduce you to Macedonia! This country is completely disregarded by many people, most likely because it’s landlocked without access to the sea. Even those who are avid travelers hardly visit this wonderful Balkan country. So, let us show you why you should plan a vacation in Macedonia!

When visiting you can expect impressive national parks, imposing mountain ranges, and of course, the enchanting Lake Ohrid. In addition, the country also offers several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We really can’t understand why so many people still don’t know that Macedonia is perfect for a vacation. Of course, a country that’s hardly visited is still a little mysterious. However, we would like to change that by introducing this country to you in more detail. In the following article, you’ll get to know various cities and scenic villages throughout Macedonia, along with its natural spectacles. 

Mazedonien Urlaub Landschaft

Vacation Destinations for City Travelers


One thing is clear: when we talk about a trip to Macedonia, you can’t miss the country’s capital. It is located on the Vardar River and it definitely won’t disappoint you. At its zenith, it was a critical European trading center, that exported chemicals and machinery throughout the world.The city was once ruled by the Romans, the Serbs and the Ottomans. Because of its historical background, Skopje exudes a lively, diverse atmosphere. Furthermore, with each tour through the streets of Skopje you’ll be mesmerized by the landscape around the city, as well as the mosques from the Ottoman era, and the dominating structures of the communist era.The main square of the city is Porta Macedonia. This is where the famous Independence Day festivities take place each year on September 8, during which Skopje comes to life with fireworks, parades and musical performances. 


The historical city of Ohrid is located directly on Lake Ohrid and is certainly one of the country’s most interesting and visually spectacular destinations. Inhabited by the Greek Dassaretae and Illyrian tribes since ancient times, Ohrid is best known for its architecture, which dates back to the 4th century. One of the of area’s most fascinating ruins is Samuel’s Fortress. This structure was built during the reign of Tsar Samuel to protect the city from possible attackers.Ohrid often appears as if it was taken straight out of a picture book, especially with its winding cobblestone streets, the picturesque restaurants in the old town, and the houses with orange-colored roofs. Finally, the lake’s beautiful turquoise water is the icing on the cake that tops it all off. 

Mazedonien Urlaub Ohrid

In the summer there is also the Ohrid Summer Festival. If you come here on vacation at this time, you can experience the liveliest side of the city. This event attracts people from all over the world that want to experience a wide range of events; all of which celebrate Macedonia’s rich social and cultural history.


Even for Macedonia, Bitola is a highly underrated city nestled between the Baba, Nitze and Kajmakčalan mountain ranges. This creates quite a dramatic and breathtaking landscape. The city is largely untouched by tourism and is Macedonia’s secret cultural center. Above all, the numerous galleries, museums, restaurants, and thriving coffeehouse culture make Bitola one of the most beautiful places in Macedonia.From the rock monument Veluška Tumba, which goes back to prehistoric times, to the neoclassical buildings, Bitola is a beautiful blend of different architectural styles. This makes it a perfect place to spend your vacation and take some great photos.Moreover, the city houses the Bitola Museum and many beautiful churches and mosques, including the elegant Yeni Mosque. As you can see, there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit Bitola.

Quaint Villages for a Relaxing Vacation in Macedonia


Like Ohrid, Struga is also located on Lake Ohrid. However, the small village is much quieter and not as busy as the largest city on the largest lake in the country. This is great because it allows you to enjoy the scenic lake landscape in peace. Thanks to the mild climate and relatively calm shores, a vacation in Struga feels like you’re visiting a seaside resort in a country without a coastline. Nevertheless, you can practice a number of water sports here.Struga is also a tranquil place where you can completely relax. But you can also enjoy the surrounding forest and mountain scenery during an extensive hiking tour. In addition to that, the Black Drin River divides the city, providing the perfect backdrop for some memorable photos. 


This sleepy fishing village is another one of Lake Ohrid’s hidden gems. It is located close to the border of Albania and offers its visitors a culture that’s influenced by the two nations.

Radožda will give you a taste of the real Macedonian country life and the history of the nation. If you really want to experience the authentic lifestyle, delicious food and culture of the local people during your vacation, you should definitely pay a visit to Radožda.

One of the most beautiful destinations is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, built several centuries ago into a hillside above the village.


This charming village is located in the crater of an inactive volcano on the slopes of Mount Osogovo. Here, Kratovo amazes with its medieval bridges and towers. Moreover, this village looks like a postcard image thanks to its winding alleys, cobble streets, and rustic stone houses.

Before it was largely modernized, Kratovo was an important mining village. Especially when walk along the streets, you get a sense of nostalgia. What’s more is that Kratovo is home to some of the friendliest locals in the whole country. They love to help their guests as much as they can by giving them useful advice and information.

A Nature Lovers Guide for a Vacation in Macedonia

Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo is the largest of Macedonia’s national parks and boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. This makes it an ideal vacation destination for lovers of nature.

The peak of Mavrovo Mountain is the highest in the region, making the park a popular destination for climbers. It also serves as a winter ski area that teems with snowy adventures.

Lake Mavrovo extends over an area of 10 kilometers and invites you to swim, sail, or hike. You should also definitely take the time to admire the half-sunken St. Nicholas Church, which was completely submerged in the 1950s following a flood. Nowadays you can partially admire it in its full splendor, since there’s a low water level right now.

We can also recommend taking a tent with you so you can spend a few days in the park. In that case you to enjoy more of the lush forests, lake, and rugged mountains of Mavrovo National Park. Otherwise, the neighboring village of Mavrova offers a small selection of cozy hotels and restaurants.

Pelister National Park

Pelister National Park is famous for its diverse ecology and hiking trails, which makes it an excellent destination, especially for hikers. You can observe varied flora and fauna here and, with a little luck, you might even see a deer or wild boar.Next to Mavrovo, Pelister is also a wonderful ski area. Here you can enjoy the benefits of a 1172 meter vertical drop without the crowds of other popular ski areas.

Matka Canyon

Adventurers and nature lovers in particular will love the Matka Canyon. It covers 5,000 hectares of land and is an ideal destination for a vacation in the wild. The complex includes several natural caves that you can explore on foot or by climbing. You will also find a series of medieval buildings, such as the ruins of monastery and the remnants of the ancient town of Matka. With its crystal clear turquoise waters and rugged gorges, the Matka Canyon offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and beyond. In the restaurant of the rustic Canyon Matka Hotel, you can also enjoy traditional Macedonian cuisine and hospitality.

Mazedonien Urlaub Matka


We hope that we’ve shown you how wonderful a vacation in Macedonia would be. You’ll love this country, especially if you’re tired of all the crowded vacation resorts. Not many travelers come here to visit, even though the country has a lot to offer. For city fans as well as nature lovers, there’s always something here to see.

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