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Travel-Themed Wedding – Ideas and Inspiration for Your Big Day

Do you and your fiancé love to travel and explore? Did you meet each other while traveling? If you’re looking for a theme for your upcoming wedding, then a travel-theme is perfect for you! We have picked out travel-themed wedding ideas for you from decorations to entertainment. You will find lots of inspiration here!


You can start with the invitation cards now that you know your wedding’s theme. These cards introduce your theme to your guests and let them know what to expect. There are many ways to make invitations travel-themed, so there are no limits to your creativity.

For example, you can design the invitations to look like airplane tickets and specify your wedding’s location and date as the ticket’s destination. You can also make passport-style invitations or decorate your cards with travel-themed details such as map patterns, a compass, suitcases, etc.

Additional Cards

Weddings have other cards you can decorate besides invitations. This ranges from the menu cards to the name tags. The easiest and most uniform way to theme these cards is through a printing company. It takes longer to make cards yourself, but it’s also more personal. Choose whatever works best for you!

Table Plan

Get creative with your table plan. For example, arrange the tables according to a country or continent. Give this a personal touch by choosing countries that you and your fiancé have explored together. Decorate the respective tables with photos from your travels.

Guest Book

A wedding guest book is a great keepsake where all your loved ones can leave nice messages. Get creative again here with your travel-themed wedding. For example, paint a globe and use it as a guest book where your guests can write their names. If you prefer a classic book, use different details that match your theme.

Travel-themed Wedding Decorations

Your wedding theme doesn’t have to end there! You can also incorporate the theme into your decorations. This can be achieved with maps or small message boards where you write down your favorite travel quotes. You can always make your travel theme more specific by choosing a particular country or continent. If you choose a tropical country, you can include lots of plants and shades of green in your decorations. If you choose a region by the sea, sand and shells are a great option. Don’t limit your imagination here!

Gift Table

Your gift table presents even more decoration opportunities. Keep it classic with a little travel-themed table, or go for a more unusual look. For example, you can use large suitcases to store the gifts. The suitcase symbolizes travel – so it perfectly reflects the wedding’s theme – and offers plenty of space for presents.

Travel-themed Wedding Food

Many small details can be built into your food that reflect your love of travel – especially with the wedding cake! The cake can be designed in the shape of a suitcase, for example, or you could integrate a map pattern into the design of the cake.

When it comes to the menu, if you are focused on a certain country, you can offer that region’s culinary specialties. If you are focusing on multiple destinations, a small snack table with many culinary highlights is a great idea.

Gifts for the Guests

Gifts for your guests can be easily adapted to your theme. A culinary gift like a small bar of chocolate, a bottle of brandy, or a packet of tea is a great idea. Or you could provide travel souvenirs that you pass on as gifts. Another idea is to give out small postcards with a personal message for each guest.

Travel-themed Wedding Entertainment

If you would like to incorporate your wedding’s theme into your entertainment, you can get creative in many ways. One idea is to have a photo booth area that has the background of fun travel destinations. Give your guests travel accessories such as hats and sunglasses for fun pictures!

When planning games, include various quizzes and puzzles that relate to your travels.

Go crazy with the music. Perhaps there is a country whose music you particularly enjoy, and if there is a dance to go with it, put it into your wedding!


The wedding location is one of the most important aspects when it comes to planning. Depending on where and how you want to celebrate, you can implement the travel theme here.

One way to do this would be to celebrate your wedding at one of your favorite travel destinations (such as by the sea, in the mountains, or in a beautiful city). If you and your loved ones are not tied to a location, and the budget fits, consider this option. Your wedding would become an unforgettable celebration in a place that is unique to you. The extra effort will certainly be worth it!


A wedding’s theme can be incredibly unique! There are endless ways to implement a travel-themed wedding.

The first of many ways to implement your theme is with the invitations. You can decorate everything to your liking. The location, decorations, and even the food can be designed yourself.

When it comes to your travel-themed wedding, you get to decide how much of the theme you want to include in your celebration. It may only be small elements that draw attention to your love of travel, or you decide on a celebration that follows the travel theme from start to finish.

We hope that we gave you inspiration and that your celebration will be a great success!

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