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The Best Travel Books

Do you need inspiration for your next vacation? This article will help you out by showing you some of the best travel books. Get ready to be inspired by the following works.

The number of travel books out there is truly endless. There’s something for everyone. The difficulty lies in finding the right one for you.

“How to Travel the World for Free”

The idea of traveling without money may sound too good to be true. The author of this novel, Michael Wigge, made it work. However, this type of traveling is definitely not for everyone.

As nice as it sounds, you have to be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices. If you want an adventure that will test your limits, Wigge’s novel is for you. If you’re not interested in following in Wigge’s footsteps, you can still learn a lot from the person who traveled the world for free. Either way, we recommend the novel “How to Travel the World for Free: One Man, 150 Days, Eleven Countries, No Money!” to you.

Michael’s mission was to travel from Berlin to the Antarctic without a single cent. The saying “Go big or go home” fits his aspirational mission. Michael stuck to his plan and went all out.

You’re probably wondering how he did it, since a trip around the world actually costs a lot of money. Read the novel yourself to find out! Are you ready to dive into one of the best travel adventure books out there?

“Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List”

If you don’t feel like basing your next vacation on a novel, we have an alternative for you: Lonely Planet has created a top 500 list of the world’s ultimate travel destinations.

If you need new bucket list destinations, simply select a few from Lonely Planet’s illustrated book. Don’t miss out on these must-see destinations – you will be inspired to travel just from looking at them!

The book also has a few insider tips and a world map poster enclosed. The first 100 destinations in the book are noted on the poster. This makes it easier to visualize your trip. Get ready to be inspired!

German travel books

The travel novel, “Als Schisser um die Welt,” only exists in German right now, so you’ll have to know the language or translate it to English yourself. The title roughly translates to “Skittering Around the World.”

If you want a unique novel that will motivate you and your friends to embark on a new adventure, this novel by Jan Kowalsky is for you. The fictional book is about a couple with very different ideas of an ideal vacation.

The novel’s main character is a lazy homebody. His ideal trip is a relaxing beach vacation where he can enjoy sunbathing. In comparison, he has an adventurous wife whose ideal vacation includes a trip to Alaska and mountaineering somewhere in the Himalayas.

The book follows this chaotic adventure between two opposites. This novel is great for those who like reading lighthearted adventure stories.

“Seven Years in Tibet”

Become familiar with a classic and inspiring story in the novel “Seven Years in Tibet.” While seven years are probably not ideal for a vacation, this novel might inspire you to spend a few years there someday.

Heinrich Harrer’s stories in this adventure novel make everything seem vivid. What could be more exciting than following in his footsteps? You’ll want to immerse yourself in Tibet’s culture after you read this novel.

If you like the novel, check out the film that was made based on Harrer’s stories. Brad Pitt even stars in the leading role. This way, if you go on a trip to Tibet, you can follow in the footsteps of Harrer and Brad Pitt!

Travel books by Bruce Chatwin

If you tend to plan your trips with a busy schedule that’s full of activities, Bruce Chatwin will convince you to slow down. After all, the purpose of a vacation is to de-stress.

Throughout Chatwin’s work, he says that tourism can be a deadly sin. He’s referring to the fact that people rush to get to their destinations, finish their sightseeing list quickly, and end up not feeling relaxed by the end of their vacation.

To this end, Chatwin developed a philosophy to avoid mass tourism and popular tourist attractions. In his novels, he reports on his travel experiences with this philosophy in mind.

You will realize that adventures don’t have to be stressful after you read Chatwin’s work. Fun and relaxing adventures occur naturally. Learn from Chatwin’s travel books and start your next journey more relaxed! Make sure to put his novels on your reading list.

“Coffee to go in Togo”

This story includes a bike, 26 countries, and loads of coffee. The book’s author, Markus Weber, put a stop to his regular work day and faced this adventure head-on.

His journey took him through abandoned Eastern European villages, over sand dunes, and even through West Africa with the goal of arriving in Togo. The book acknowledges that one or two incidents occurred on this trip, but Weber’s goal was to have an unforgettable journey. He didn’t want a standard beach vacation.

Weber’s book centers around two questions: He wanted to find out who he was, and if there was actually coffee in Togo. It’s an adventure with a mission. This book will take you along on his trip with humor and exciting insights.

“Couchsurfing in Iran: Revealing a Hidden World”

Last but not least, the incredible story by Stephan Orth is a must-read. His novel explains what it’s like to couch-surf in Iran and serves to remove many prejudices about Iranians. The novel portrays them as the hospitable people they are.

It is officially forbidden to couch-surf in Iran, but Stephan Orth set out on his trip anyway. You won’t believe the remarkable sightings Orth makes in Iran.

Let yourself be inspired and put aside any prejudices you may harbor against Iran and its culture. This revealing book is truly moving. So, give yourself a jolt and pick it up from the bookstore.


Next time you need to plan a vacation, consider reading one of these travel books first. They provide a lot of inspiration and are written in fun and humorous ways!

Don’t stick to the tried and tested, all-inclusive trips. Broaden your horizons. Give new destinations and types of travel a chance. If you do, you might fall in love with the world in a new way – away from the tourist crowds.

Of course, you don’t have to spend seven years in Tibet to do this. But our chosen authors were on the road so long for a reason! They fell in love with traveling and their destinations. This just might happen to you too!

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