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The Perfect Travel Accommodations

As boring as it sounds, you will spend most of your travels sleeping. We know that usually you try to find cheap travel accommodations online through various random sources. Sure, you might like the rooms on-site most of the time, but sometimes even prime hotels can disappoint with their service.

Many globetrotters limit themselves to booking only hotel rooms when looking for travel accommodations. Though, this can be an expensive mistake. Particularly for backpackers, as isn’t suitable for their budget and can keep them from a range of interesting alternatives. Many of such accommodations are flawless and can turn into the highlight of the trip.

Plus, the number of diverse accommodations is rising, so it is about time for a comparison. Below, we have listed five alternatives for hotels you should consider when booking your next journey.


Hostels are given a bad reputation by media. So, if you think hostels are overcrowded, smelly mad houses full of drunken backpackers, you will be surprised. Nowadays, many unique hostels are worth visiting. Each one is different and has its own personality (flaws and all).

But that’s what makes this type of accommodation so memorable and way better than staying in a huge concrete complex with a company logo. Some hostels offer exceptional atmospheres and mottos. You are sure to make unforgettable experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.

For starters, the atmosphere is often more social than in hotels. Oftentimes, the staff are also the owners, so they are more interested in your well-being. In recent years, the standard has increased too. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a hostel to be as luxurious as a hotel, and you may have to share a bath and the room with other backpackers, but many hostels also offer private rooms for an additional charge.

We still think it’s worth the little compromises! At hostels, it is easier to make friends and meet locals. That is why, they often have comfortable sleeping places that won’t make a hole in your savings.

✓ Affordable

✓ Special, unique atmosphere

✓ Make friends when travelling alone

✓ Friendlier staff

X Shared bathroom and room (not very suitable for introverts & germophobes)

Holiday apartment

While other companies suffered during the Corona pandemic, other apartment providers, like Airbnb, thrived. That is why you will find many of these travel accommodations are worthwhile. This platform does not only offer rooms by friendly hosts but unique experiences worldwide – You can even rent an island in some cases! If you search long and hard, you may find true treasures that differ from a common hotel room.

With a little luck, you will also find great offers. Those can include meals or even guided tours in the areas. In hotels, you often have to pay for those services and the providers are usually not as generous.

No matter if you’re looking for an apartment, a private room, or a hammock to relax in, you will find a great range of affordable options to choose from. If you are not travelling by yourself, this kind of accommodation may also be cheaper than a dorm room at a hostel – it’s a welcome change if you prefer to have some more space.

Another advantage is the evaluations of the accommodations and owners, that you can read in advance. The stay in a holiday apartment is something you have to experience when travelling!

✓ Cheaper than a hotel

✓ Highly individualized accommodations

✓ Generous hosts

✓ Commercial transparency

X Sometimes less comfort than a hotel (doesn’t have to be a disadvantage though)


Glamping is a mixture of camping and glamour in a kind of extravagant camping. Instead of being in actual nature, you sleep in open areas that are designed especially for relaxation. In most places, you even get a great view of the stars at night.

Just like at hotels, you can enjoy a service here. For example, you can order food and have it delivered to your camper. This is perfect for anyone who wants to experience camping without dealing with setting up the tent and learning to be in the wild. Most glamping sites are even situated near waters so you can go for a swim.

The comfort of real beds, electricity, and access to sanitary facilities indoors that you usually don’t have when going camping also make for a convincing argument. In short, glamping is a touch of nature is perfectly combined with some refined comforts of home.

✓ Accommodation and activities in nature

✓ Star watching

✓ Sanitary facilities

✓ No tent set-up

X More costly than traditional camping

X Depending on what you need to “glamp“, it could produce a lot of waste (plastic food packaging, batteries, and other single use items)

Capsule hotels

Capsule hotels, also known as pod hotels, don’t have the common big rooms. Instead, they have small, compact hotels with rooms that fit one person only. Usually, you find these travel accommodations in Japan, but they have also emerged in other parts of the world. They are perfectly suitable for you if you have a small budget as they are usually cheaper than an average hotel room.

The pods may be small, but they have everything you need: charging units, a mini-TV, and a storage room for your things. If you find such a hotel in your next destination, it is worth your money!

✓ Memorable experience

✓ Very cheap accommodation

X Small space

X Strict rules for noise

Camper Van

Many decide to take a camper or a trailer when travelling. With this mobile option, you can explore nature. Often, the vehicle is equipped with everything needed for sleeping and cooking on the road.

This may sound like an expensive idea as you’re renting a whole vehicle. However, nowadays, it has become more affordable, and many companies make great offers. Due to the functionality of the camper vans, there are often better options for travellers than a hotel room. If you don’t want to stay in one place, this is a practical alternative. It offers all the things you need and the vehicles can be rented for days. It’s up to you to decide how long you want to be on the road.

✓ Just like glamping, you have all the necessary things and can explore nature

X More expensive than most other options listed

House sitting

If you are travelling in a big group, a hotel stay might not be the best option. It is often more expensive as most hotel rooms are only designed for a maximum of six people. With a bigger group, you have to pay additional fees for rooms or extra beds. To save money, you should consider house sitting.

As the name implies, you can live on a whole property. This way, your group has everything: kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It is a great option to live in amazing houses and properties when doing a sabbatical or short getaway.

Many landlords are thankful when someone takes care of their property while they are gone. Sometimes they have to leave their pets behind or want someone to take care of their garden. Often, it is also an advantage when it comes to safety, as someone is living in their house during their absence.

✓ Plenty of space

✓ Freedom

X Costs more than booking a large room for a hostel


Staying somewhere else than in a hotel is an experience you will look back on long after you leave wherever you are visiting. Hostels & Co. are what makes travelling for backpackers possible in the first place. For your next trip, we encourage you to try out one of those alternatives. You are sure to save money in the long run.  Remember, no matter which of the travel accommodations you choose, it will bring double the memories than if you were just in a hotel!

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