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Copenhagen – What the Danish Capital Has to Offer

When you’re already in Europe, a backpacking trip to Denmark is inexpensive and convenient, but even if you have to travel much further to get to this little Northern European country, it will be worth it. Denmark’s landscape alone is rewarding enough, but wait till you see all the sights in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is the capital, one of Denmark’s greatest cities, and a popular destination for backpackers. It offers lots of possibilities for a memorable sightseeing trip, regardless whether you’re here for a city trip or simply stopping by while on your road trip through Denmark. Below are some of Copenhagen’s best attractions – hopefully we can convince you to plan your trip sooner rather than later.

Copenhagen Facts

Copenhagen is not part of Denmark’s mainland, but instead located on the islands of Zealand and Amager. They are connected to the mainland by road bridges, which makes getting there easy and uncomplicated. Copenhagen has a population of just over 630,000 people, with a large majority being Danes; but there are a few international immigrants and foreign workers here as well.

Copenhagen is not only a popular university town, but also of economic importance – after all, many companies’ headquarters are located here. Not to mention, the capital is also home to the Danish royal family, since Denmark is still a monarchy. The city is right by the sea, which makes it particularly attractive and creates a relaxed atmosphere. But what are the sights in Copenhagen that anyone should see?

Top Sights in Copenhagen

Sightseeing in Copenhagen won’t disappoint. Most people only know about The Little Mermaid statue there, but that’s just the beginning. The city has much more to offer and promises an exciting, memorable time. See for yourself!

The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen’s mermaid statue is not only the city’s landmark, but also the world’s smallest landmark. It is made of bronze and located on Copenhagen’s promenade. It may seem insignificant when you see it at first, but the statue is actually of great importance. If you are interested in the history behind it, you can learn all the details on a guided city tour.


This is Copenhagen’s pedestrian area, so take a stroll around and do a little shopping. After all, it is the most popular and longest pedestrian area in all of Europe. It is also of some historical significance for the city, and it is lined with old buildings. Visit the numerous stores and shop for souvenirs. Learn about the history behind Strøget and the historic buildings on this street on guided tours. It is definitely worthwhile!


Nyhavn is one of Copenhagen’s most iconic sights. It is a district that is characterized by its colorful houses, which create excellent photo opportunities. Just find a quiet spot and enjoy the view of the brightly colored spectacle. Perhaps you have already seen pictures of the vibrant houses and boats lining the canal, since many backpackers consider this Copenhagen’s true highlight.

Rosenborg Castle

This may not be where the royal family lives, but Rosenborg Castle is still worth a visit. The pompous grounds summon you to enjoy some quiet time out in nature. Inside the castle, there is a museum that displays the Danish crown jewels, among other things.

Amalienborg Palace

This is the royal family’s residence and is one of Northern Europe’s must-see castles. Even though part of the palace is dedicated to the family’s private rooms, a large part is still open to visitors. Book a guided tour of the impressive halls and rooms, and visit the Royal Museum, which is located in the palace’s front area. It certainly takes you back into the past.


What is better than to get a city view from an observatory? In Copenhagen, the Rundetårn, or the Round Tower, provides a great view of the attractive city. This 17th century tower is worth seeing just for its shape; work your way up the serpentine staircase till you reach the platform at the top for the stunning view. It’s a spectacular sight when the weather is nice.

The Botanical Garden

You think a botanical garden is just for gardeners and plant fanatics? Copenhagen’s botanical garden will convince you otherwise. Yes, you will find gigantic greenhouses inviting you to delve into the world of botany, but young people and backpackers mostly come here for the great park grounds. There’s nothing better than a picnic in the park during the summer. It creates a change of pace, and allows you to relax out in nature.

Canal Tour

If you truly want to experience Copenhagen in its entirety, a canal cruise is your best bet. The canals run through the whole city and allow you to see Copenhagen from a different perspective. It’s also a great way to get a first view of some of the famous sights in Copenhagen, with the added bonus of having a little guided tour.

Frederik’s Church (Frederiks Kirke)

This historic church is another one of Copenhagen’s most important sights. If you are interested in history, take a look inside and book a guided tour. Otherwise, just admire the marble church from the outside – the view of the square and this gigantic building is definitely worth it!

Christiansborg Palace

This is Copenhagen’s third and last castle: Home to the Danish government. Even after the two previous castles, a visit to Christiansborg Palace is still worth it. Saunter across the grounds and admire the palace from the outside, or book an interesting tour to learn something about the country’s politics.

Many backpackers choose to book tours of all three castles, delving deep into the country’s history. After all, the information that guides share during these tours is thought-provoking for every traveler.

The National Museum of Denmark

If you still can’t get enough of Denmark and its history, definitely pay the National Museum a visit. From art collections to interesting exhibits about Denmark’s most important historic events – this museum has it all. It is also a great alternate plan for rainy days.


City Hall Square is a plaza in the heart of the city and is great to look at. Not to mention, the historic city hall building is one of the most important sights in Copenhagen, so make room for it in your itinerary.

THe Harbor

The city’s harbor is obviously a highlight as well. Located right by the sea, it is always buzzing with people. Take a stroll along the promenade or just enjoy the ocean view. There are also several modern buildings that will excite architecture enthusiasts.

Backpacking in Copenhagen

Many backpackers are deterred by the high price tags and have doubts about a trip through Europe. Copenhagen renders this particular fear moot, since there is a huge backpacker movement in this city, heavily influenced by young people. Backpackers on a budget will be able to experience the city without limitations, as there are numerous hostels where you can stay for a reasonable price. So, plan your stay according to your budget.

Copenhagen – A Must-see in Europe

Many backpackers consider Copenhagen one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful backdrop attract more and more travelers. With many attractions, Copenhagen promises a varied and interesting time where boredom is a foreign concept. So, if you are itching with wanderlust and in the mood for a spontaneous trip to a new city, Copenhagen is the city for you.

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