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Where Can I Find Sandy Beaches in Croatia?

The first thing you should know about beaches in Croatia is that most of them are full of fine pebbles or rocks. While the lack of sandy shores along the Mediterranean allows for crystal clear water, some of you might still be wondering if there are any sandy beaches in Croatia.

Sandy beaches are not typical of the Mediterranean; in fact, most of the sandy beaches you’ll find there are artificial. But if sand is what you’re set on, this article is for you! Don’t worry. You won’t have to change countries. Let us introduce you to where you are guaranteed to find sandy beaches in Croatia.

Uvala Lapad in Dubrovnik

The beach in Lapad Bay is well-known to both the locals and guests of Dubrovnik. Here you will not only find plenty of sand, but also a location with many amenities to make your stay more comfortable.

There are many lounge chairs and umbrellas on the beach, as well as lifeguards who always keep a watchful eye in case of emergency, giving you every reason to feel safe here.

Uvala Lapad beach is only about 2.5 kilometers from the old town of Dubrovnik. The best way to get to this beautiful area is to take a bus on line 6. These buses run every 10 minutes.

Prapatno on the Peljeçac Peninsula

A village surrounded by ancient pines and olive trees? Now that sounds like an ideal spot. In addition to these elegant trees, the Dalmatian peninsula of Peljeçac also offers a picturesque beach with soft sand and beautiful blue water. Doesn’t that sound like a dreamy getaway? It is no wonder that Prapatno beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia by many visitors and locals.

Prapatno Bay is especially known for its warm and shallow waters. You can also discover some hidden rocky beaches while enjoying a short walk along this beautiful coast. If you’re looking for solitude, these areas offer complete seclusion.

In recent years, the number of nudists on this sandy beach has significantly increased. So, don’t be surprised if you come across a few visitors in the nude.

Vela Przina on Korcula

The island of Korcula is home to many small and secluded, sandy beaches in Croatia. If you prefer to spend your vacation on beaches like these, consider heading straight to Lumbarda. This is a small village located only about six kilometers outside the town of Korcula.

In Lumbarda, you will find a lot of beautiful sandy beaches. The most popular of these is Vela Przina. Because it can get crowded, you should arrive here as early as possible if you want to get the best spot.

Mlaska on Hvar

Mlaska is located in the north of the island of Hvar, not far from the town of Sucuraj. This gorgeous island is easily accessible by ferry from Split.

The sandy beach of Mlaska is best known for its shallow water that stretches as far as 10 meters from the shore. Additionally, the dense Mediterranean vegetation that grows above the beach provides ample shade.

The shallows create an excellent playing ground for the game picigin. This is a ball game from Split that is played in the water near the shore. The aim of the game is for the players to stop a small ball from touching the water.

Saldun in Trogir

Saldun is a bay near Okrug Gornji, a small village on the Čiovo peninsula. Here you can relax and be surrounded by beauty.

The main beach of Saldun offers beachy bars and restaurants as well as the opportunity to practice various water sports. Diving in particular is a very popular pastime here.

The bay of Saldun not only offers a sandy beach but is also a perfect destination for sailors and boaters. In particular, the neighbouring islands of Drvenik are known for their small, secluded sandy bays.

Solaris in Šibenik

Solaris beach is one of the most famous sights of Šibenik. Mainly because of the view of the surrounding archipelago, visiting here is a must if sandy beaches are at the top of your bucket list.

This sand-filled beach is located just a few kilometers outside the town of Šibenik in the Dalmatia region. The location in particular is very family-friendly, but you can also have a lot of fun here or enjoy the peace and quiet as a solo traveler.

Nin near Zadar

Near Zadar, but far from the crowds, is the ancient city of Nin. It has existed for over a millennium and is thought of as the cradle of Croatian royalty. For this reason, the city acts as a symbol of the country’s sovereignty.

You can also find some sandy beaches here. The entire lagoon consists mainly of sand and silt. The most famous beach is Kraljičina Plaža, whose name means “The Queen’s Beach”.

In addition to shallow water, this sandy beach also offers a pleasantly warm sea. You can grab a drink at the bars here or get a tasty snack in one of the restaurants.

Bijeca in Medulin

Medulin is a small coastal town in the southern part of Istria, and only seven kilometers from the city of Pula. It is mainly known for its picturesque sandy beach called “Bijeca”, which is about one kilometer long.

The beach is particularly popular with families and children, as it has easy access to the sea. Here, you can play a variety of water sports or rent a lounge chair and umbrella. There are also a few cafés and restaurants to visit nearby.

Rajska Plaža on the Island of Rab

This very popular sandy beach has been awarded with “Blue Flag” status due to the quality and purity of its water. It has also earned itself a spot on the 100 most beautiful beaches on CNN’s world list.

By the way, the name “Rajska” means “paradise” in English and the appearance of the beach certainly justifies this name. Thanks to the lovely clear sea, you will certainly feel as though you are in the most beautiful place in the world.

Near the beach, you can also stop by a variety of eateries. There you can enjoy delicious food and refresh yourself with some cool drinks in the heat.

Sakarun Beach on the Island of Dugi Otok

This beach will captivate you with the whiteness of its sand and the clarity of the sea. Its appearance suggests you are located in the middle of the Caribbean and not just on another beach in the Mediterranean. In addition, the pine forest that surrounds the beach provides plenty of shade from the sun.

Near the port of Sali, you can visit a small restaurant serving lots of dishes, including homemade pasta with fresh seafood. We also recommend trying the tuna steak. But the best thing about the restaurant is that from the first floor you can enjoy a fantastic view of the harbour and the vast Adriatic Sea.


It’s not easy to find sandy beaches in Croatia, since pebble beaches dominate most of the Adriatic coastline. But if you know where to look, you can find a handful.

Unfortunately, most of them are quite crowded, so it is not always easy to find a free spot. Therefore, arriving earlier is a great way to secure a great seat by the water.

Overall, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the feeling of soft sand between your toes during your trip to Croatia. But even if you don’t find any, it’s quite alright because the pebble beaches are just as beautiful.

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