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Visit Trip to North Cape in Norway

Travelling is a wonderful thing. One of the most fulfilling ways to travel is to go on longer trips with several stops along the way. If you’re still searching for new ideas for your next trip, then let us give you a bit of inspiration in this article. We will plan a short adventure for you and suggest one of many options for a trip to North Cape.

We’ll suggest a route that allows you to see as many different places as possible and makes the most of your time in Norway. But the best thing about it is that at the end, there is the unique and breathtakingly beautiful destination, North Cape. This is a part of the Norwegian rocky coastline that juts into the sea. It lies in the very north of the country and is the northernmost point in Europe.

Even if you’re already raring to go on your next adventure, a trip like this should still be well planned in order to enjoy it to its full capacity. Therefore, we would like to present you with a couple possibilities.

Transport and Accommodations on Your Trip to North Cape

Although it’s not the most environmentally friendly, one of the easiest options for transport would be a cruise. Particularly in Northern Europe, many companies offer countless routes and cruises. The benefits of this option are that you don’t have to think about accommodations, and catering is usually included in the price as well.

You’ll reach North Cape quickest by plane. This will save you a lot of time and possibly money, too, as no accommodation needs to be booked during your journey. The downside, however, is that this way of travelling leaves much less room for adventure, and it only briefly flies over many enchanting places you otherwise could have explored.

Car, motorbike or camper van are the most romantic ways to travel. One of the many advantages being that you can travel and stop at your own pace, when and wherever you like. And should you choose a vehicle big enough, you will have your accommodation with you wherever you go.

If you travel in a vehicle that you can’t sleep in, there are hostels that offer cheap rooms. Naturally, hotels would provide an even more comfortable stay, but they will be considerably more expensive. Holiday homes have the advantage of allowing you to enjoy your privacy in peace, but they usually cost more than a hostel as well. We’d recommend that you look around a few different apps and websites before booking anything. Sometimes locals will even offer you a couch to sleep on!

Road Trip to North Cape

A journey to North Cape is the perfect opportunity for a road trip through Norway or Sweden. The northernmost point of Europe can also be reached via Finland. Basically, there are many ways to get to North Cape; to mention them all would take a whole article in itself, so we will just explain the supposed most logical route. Our route will take you through Norway, the country in which North Cape resides.

However, if you don’t want to miss the other countries anyway, we suggest that you travel through Sweden or Finland on your return trip. We can promise one thing – whatever you decide, the trip will be worth it!

Our Route to North Cape through Norway


As you know, North Cape is in Norway, so why not also experience the country itself on your way there? A suitable starting point is Norway’s capital, Oslo, a city brimming with many sightseeing opportunities to get you in the mood for North Cape. This lively city simply cannot be missed! Here, you will learn about Norwegian culture and get to know the friendly locals. Contrary to what you might expect, due to the Gulf Stream, Oslo will welcome you with a maritime, mostly mild climate.


Your next stop will be Trondheim. Trondheim is the third-largest municipality in Norway, but it is still very small by European standards. The view of the city is breathtaking. It’s as if it was made just to be the perfect backdrop for a postcard!

We particularly recommend the cosy neighbourhood of Bakklandet on the river Niverlda. It is Norway’s leading city for bike-friendliness and a place full of colourful rows of houses, pubs, and cafés easily reachable by bike.

Mo I Rana

From there, you can travel on to Mo I Rana. This quaint little town lies at the end of the Ranisfjords and is only a few kilometres south of the arctic circle. It has a lot to offer, especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The magical Ranfjord is close by, and Svartisen National Park, which is home to a glacier of the same name, is just north of the city. In both summer and winter, you can try a whole range of exciting outdoor activities in and around Mo I Rana.


Even more nature awaits you at the Lofoten Islands, a group of islands off the west coast of northern Norway. Here, you will witness the true untamed wilderness the country has to offer. Whether on boat trips, surfing tours in the sea, or high up in the rocky mountains, every experience here will be an unforgettable one.

The colourful, dancing northern lights in the winter and the 24-hour midnight sun in the summer are just as special. Experiencing these breathtaking natural phenomena for yourself is definitely worth a trip!


The penultimate stop along our trip to North Cape once again offers a plethora of sights to be explored. We’re now reaching Tromsø, the biggest city in northern Norway. It has been officially certified as a sustainable travel destination.

When you’re in the city, you definitely have to visit the Arctic Cathedral. Here, you can listen to many concerts whilst you gaze in awe at the northern lights or the midnight sun through the glass walls.

Around Tromsø, you will find breathtaking nature with many hiking trails. Even if you just want to relax for a few hours, don’t worry: you can still explore the gorgeous scenery at your leisure on a sled pulled by huskies!


We’re almost there now! A little further north, we reach our last stop: the quaint town of Hammerfest. Not only is it one of the oldest towns in Norway, but it’s the most northern town in the world! Nestled between medium-sized mountains and the foothills of the sea, Hammerfest is quite idyllic. Even excursions to white sand beaches are possible. But beware: as inviting as it may look, the water can be very cold, so a wetsuit would definitely be a good idea!

North Cape

North Cape marks the northernmost point of Europe and is extremely well-known. Almost everyone will recognize the image of the globe monument, situated 300 m above the Arctic Ocean on a rocky plateau jutting out into the water. Many visitors describe it as a magical place with a special, mystical feel – especially when the fog lifts and the midnight sun shines through. Although just being there is a once in a lifetime experience, North Cape has much more to offer.

A fishing tour to catch your own fish or crab that you then go on to cook and enjoy is a very popular activity for the foodies out there! Another aspect of the biodiversity at North Cape are the many puffins, cormorants, and gannets that inhabit the bird cliffs of Gjesværstappan.

Some quieter cliffs around the cape are excellent for hiking and offer a first-class view of the black slate rock and the globe monument. Winter offers the best opportunities for exploring the region on snowshoe hikes through the snow-covered landscape, fun dog sled rides or quick tours with a snow mobile.

In summer, the seemingly infinite white blanket across the cape finally lifts, but unfortunately, the colourful dance of the northern lights goes with it. But North Cape doesn’t become any less interesting; it now lights up in different colours all hours of the day.

The green yet wild nature is scattered with colourful fishing villages which exude a very homely feeling. The northernmost fishing village in the world, Skarsvåg, can also be found here.


North Cape has so much to offer that it definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list. You will experience a magical atmosphere and feeling of freedom unlike any other place. To build anticipation and give you a taste of Norwegian culture and nature, we recommend you make your entire trip to North Cape a special experience.

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