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The Lofoten Region of Norway

Lofoten is a coastal region located in the northern part of Norway and consists of 80 islands. That’s an incredible number! The islands cover an area of 1,227 square kilometers with untouched nature, mountains, and remote villages. It is the best destination for nature lovers looking for a breathtaking trip.

Are you currently planning a trip to Norway? Let the charm of Lofoten take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Read on to learn more about these gorgeous islands, how to get there and the attractions you should not miss. It is also noteworthy that Lofoten is recognized as a sustainable travel destination.

Norwegen Lofoten

Experience the Northern Lights

Seeing the magical Northern Lights is undoubtedly on the bucket list of many people. If it is on yours too, with a bit of luck, you may see them live.

During winter, especially from the end of September to the end of March, it gets dark pretty early and late into the morning. The gloomy skies display mesmerizing green, pink, and violet lights, while giving you a breathtaking view of the natural landscape.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights during your trip. But, in the polar night, you stand a chance. With the NorwayLights app, you can also find the right forecast to help plan your trip accordingly.
If you are not planning on visiting this Norwegian region in winter, you should not miss the midnight sun in summer. Oh, goodness! It is an extraordinary sight, as the sun does not set during this time. Daylight prevails for 76 days and sometimes for full 24 hours.

This natural wonder on the Lofoten Islands appears from 28 May to 14 July. The horizon shines in deep orange-red colours, creating a captivating photo motif. The tall mountains reaching into the luminous sky and the water reflecting the beauty above makes a truly magical sight

Norwegen Lofoten Meer

Lofoten’s Diverse Nature and Adventure

For nature enthusiasts, you can begin your adventure tour with a Sea Eagle Safari. This thrilling opportunity to see birds of prey is not to be missed. As a matter of fact, their wingspan reaches up to 2.4 meters. The large birds are beyond impressive, especially when they fly in circles – high up in the air.

Do snorkelling, paddling, or surfing sounds like fun to you? Then get ready for some amazing marine adventure. Although, it is cold up north, but with the right gear, you are good to go.

Away from the coast, there are mountains and countless trails. You can explore the Kvalvika Beach Bay or scale the Himmeltinden Mountain. If you’d like to go hiking in the Lofoten Islands, it is best to have some experience because of the extremely rough terrain and poor infrastructure. You can prepare yourself by – going on easy hikes first, getting a good gear, or joining a hiking tour. In the municipalities of Moskenes and Flakstad, you will find Lofotodden National Park, which was officially opened in 2019. Take a moment to marvel at the diversity of nature there.

The fishing village of Reine in Lofoten is popularly photographed in the Lofoten region for its beautiful and unique scenery. The blue sea, small villages, and imposing mountains create a splendid view altogether. For more fantastic shots, visit the village of Hamnøy and Vareid especially at sunset.

Sustainable Travel

It’s imperative to be eco-friendly, as tourism in Lofoten leaves as little negative impact as possible. There are a few guidelines to follow during your stay on the islands. They serve to protect nature and to be considerate of the locals.

• Camping is only allowed in designated areas, and you should not leave anything behind
• Use already existing paths instead of creating new ones
• Rubbish should be disposed responsibly to keep the area clean
• The code of conduct states that public toilets are to be used and not the nearest bush
• Respecting private property is of great importance to the region; that respect is reflected also on the streets
• It is strictly prohibited to start fires – be considerate of the wildlife and nature around you
• Ideally, you should consult an extra tour operator when planning your trip


Norwegen Lofoten

Getting to the Islands

We have already established that Lofoten is a perfect destination. Now we will tell you how to get there, and how to move from one island to the next. There are no direct flights from Germany to the Lofoten Islands. It is possible to make a road trip, but tedious – you would have to take the ferry twice.

The most environmentally friendly option is to take the train or the bus from Oslo to Trondheim, and another ride to Bodø. It costs around 30 euros to get to Bodø and a total time of 17 hours. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery through the window. Another possibility is to go to Lofoten from Stockholm, Sweden. It costs 80 euros to get to Narvik, and takes approximately 20 hours.

So, after making it to Bodø or Narvik, how do you get to the islands? There are plenty of options: plane, ferry, rental car, or bus. Though, for an eco-friendly trip, we recommend the bus.

Now, this may sound insane, but there is one last possible route. If you are prepared to travel 1,800 kilometers from Oslo to Svolvær on foot, be our guest. It will only take you about three months if you walk 20 kilometres a day. How is that for an adventure?

Norwegen Lofoten Inseln


If you’re a fan of breathtaking landscapes and nature photography, you will love the Lofoten Islands. Without exaggerating, the islands have so much to offer. The northern lights in the winter, midnight sun in the summer, captivating wildlife and water sports are one of a kind.

Make sure you abide by the code of conduct while on the islands. Consciously protect the environment, starting with your means of travel. Opt for the train or the bus to get to the islands, or trek a few thousand kilometres.
No matter what you end up doing, your trip to the Lofoten islands is sure to be an amazing adventure!

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