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Entertainment Capital of the World – Sights in Las Vegas

Paris’ Eiffel Tower and Venice’s iconic canals in one place? That’s exactly what you’ll see in Las Vegas. The American city of millions is known for its vibrant, diverse, and extraordinary atmosphere. Furthermore, from casinos to hotels, light shows, and massive shopping malls, there’s attraction after attraction in this city.

Nevada’s largest metropolis, however, is the perfect destination not only because of its lively atmosphere – the natural beauty of the area is equally breathtaking. We’ll show you what Las Vegas has to offer in terms of unique experiences. Let yourself be swept away!

The Legendary Las Vegas Strip

On the 6.8-kilometer stretch of the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find several casinos and hotels that you’ve probably seen in movies. In addition to grandiose buildings, there are fantastic stores, artwork, and the well-known Las Vegas Sign to explore.

The strip is a segment of Las Vegas Boulevard. The famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is located in the middle section of the boulevard, at the southern end of the strip. Because the city has expanded so quickly, the sign has already had to be moved closer to the city limits numerous times. This popular spot is now a must-see for all visitors!

Fremont Street

Close to the Strip, a street full of art and shopping awaits you. On Fremont Street, you can shop in a variety of stores, sit in a cozy café, or dine on traditional American dishes in one of the many restaurants.

Looking for a rush of adrenaline? Then take a zip line across the street! From above, you can see the beautiful artworks done by street artists. The SlotZilla zip line guarantees an unparalleled view of Fremont Street down below.

This street is one of Nevada’s most famous after Las Vegas Boulevard. It also has a long history; it existed before the Las Vegas Strip and is the origin of the city’s casino and gambling legend.

Impressive Light and Water Shows

Another special feature you’ll see on Fremont Street is the nighttime laser shows with music and a great ambiance, during which the entire street transforms into a massive dance floor. The Bellagio Fountains, located near the Bellagio Hotel, feature fountains with lighting and magnificent water effects. These are large installations with water jets reaching 80 meters high. Well-known songs such as “Singing in the Rain” are performed during the show.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum has a collection of bright neon signs from casinos, restaurants, bars, and stores. Rather than being discarded, the former signs have been on display in the Neon Museum plaza since 1996. The signs do, in fact, contribute to the city’s art and culture. Furthermore, it’s not a traditional museum because the exhibition is outside. The best time to admire the illuminated signs is in the evening.

Madame Tussauds – Meet Celebrities Up Close

Have you always wanted to stand next to celebrities? Then head to Madame Tussauds! There, you get the chance to immerse yourself in the world of musicians, actors, and international celebrities, as well as meet their deceptively lifelike wax figures in person. You can also take a behind-the-scenes look at how they are created.

In addition to the wax figures, there are interactive activities. After your tour, relax with a tasty drink at the Hangover Bar Experience – it’s styled after the popular Hangover movies. The museum is located on the Las Vegas Strip within the Venetian Hotel.

Venice, Paris and New York

From the Eiffel Tower and Venice’s waterways to cities like New York and Rome – in Las Vegas, you can explore sights from all over the world. Are you longing for the Venetian canals? Then you won’t have to go far in search of a gondola tour.

Would you rather feel the typical Parisian atmosphere? Then go to Paris in Las Vegas! At this hotel complex on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find famous French attractions – like a replica of the Eiffel Tower, for example.

On Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue, there are also realistic copies of New York’s renowned landmarks. In the New York Hotel, you can see the magnificent Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline in the background.

A View Over All of Las Vegas

Almost no other city is as colorful as Las Vegas. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see everything in one day. That’s why we recommend a trip to the Stratosphere Tower. You can see the entire city from here, including the casinos, several hotels, and exciting attractions.

The Strat is, in fact, a hotel with 2,427 rooms. The 350-meter tower, though, is its highlight. It’s the country’s largest freestanding observation tower. A restaurant at the top provides a 360-degree view that rotates once every hour around its axis.

Why not make things even more adventurous? Roller coasters such as The Big Shot, X-Scream, and Insanity are around 250 meters high and provide pure thrills!

Enjoy Nature around Las Vegas

The metropolis isn’t the only place where you can have a good time. There are breathtaking natural wonders and scenic landscapes in the surrounding area as well. So, plan a trip outside the city. We’ll show you all the must-see sights.

Grand Canyon

At a height of 300 meters, the Grand Canyon is a world-famous natural phenomenon, with deep valleys and untouched mountains stretching out in front of you. Any traveler will be awestruck by this unique sight!

It takes roughly two to three hours to get there from the city, making it ideal for a day trip. The West Rim and the South Rim are both accessible from the city. You can take the Skywalk to look into the impressive canyons and enjoy the view of the red-brown rocks.

If you want to visit the North Rim of the Canyon, you’ll need a little extra time, both to get there and to explore it. It has some spectacular hiking trails.

Hoover Dam

On your way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, make a stop at the Hoover Dam, located roughly 45 kilometers east-southeast of the city. It’s a massive dam where the Colorado River flows into Lake Mead. During its construction in the 1920s, it was one of the world’s largest dam projects.

Prior to the dam’s construction, melted snow from the Rocky Mountains caused severe flooding in much of the state every year. There was too much water in the winter and too little in the summer. To counteract this, the magnificent structure was constructed, and as a result, water is now available throughout the year for different areas of life and work.

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas

Would you rather stay in the city, but you don’t want to miss out on nature? Then pay a visit to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, located in the middle of the Bellagio Hotel – where the water shows take place.

The hotel’s magnificent gardens feature a variety of plants that are rearranged every two weeks. Around 140 gardeners are employed to take care of the upkeep and design.

The botanical garden is also landscaped all year to match the season or holidays – reds and browns in the fall, butterflies and colorful flowers in the summer. Even for Christmas or Chinese New Year, appropriate flower arrangements are created.


Las Vegas is a city full of entertainment and natural beauty. Whether in the metropolis itself or in the surrounding nature – the different facets invite you to explore and marvel. The city entices visitors with its one-of-a-kind attractions. So, pack your bags and prepare for an exciting adventure in the west of the USA!

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