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The Best Activities on Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a captivating volcanic paradise, with a harmonious blend of nature and culture. It is part of the impressive Canary archipelago; although its geographic location is only 14 km west of the Moroccan coast, the island belongs to Spain. Flat white houses, quaint little villages, stunning black and white beaches, and volcanic landscapes are the embodiment of this dream destination.

Relaxation or adventure – you can have it all!

If you would like to take on relaxing and/or adventurous activities, Lanzarote is the best place to be. We have put together a brief overview of the activities you do not want to miss. But not just that, you will also find a number of attractions worth visiting on the island. So come take a look, maybe something will rouse your interest. Here are our top activities:

Famara Surfing and Kitesurfing Courses

Whether you already have surfing experience or you are a curious beginner – at the Famara beach there are suitable courses for you. You have the option of either visiting a surf camp or just booking a few hours in the water. You will definitely find what works for you here.

In Lanzarote’s northwestern region is the surfer’s paradise: Playa de Famara. The beach and charming nearby fishing village Calenta de Famara, are out of the way of tourism – which is why local surfing enthusiasts are commonly found here. On windy days, the kite surfers can be seen with colorful kites in the sky. You will be tempted to join in right away! 

The incredible cliffs of the Risco de Famara give the beach a unique effect. The black color of these volcanic cliffs, next to the wild blue sea and sand dunes make a really fantastic spectacle. But note that the sea by Famara is also well-known for its currents. Even experienced swimmers can get into danger in this spot. So, always pay attention to the flags and be sure you are not too far out in the open water.

Diving Courses

In Lanzarote you can find diving activities for all levels. Do you already have a diving license and would like to explore the alluring underwater world? Great, then you can just book a diving session on the island!

Even if you have little to no diving experience, there is a beginner’s course for you. While you are at it, you can also get a diving license right there on the island. This license is guaranteed to benefit you on future trips.

Exploring different diving spots in Lanzarote

Lanzarote offers a variety of diving locations with unique underwater seascapes. Did you know that just off Lanzarote’s coast you can dive through wrecks that are now inhabited by marine life?

Right in front of Playa Chica is the Agujero Azul diving spot where you can observe many different sea creatures on the reef edge. You can also explore two underwater caves here. At the Barranco del Quiquere diving location there are three wrecks also inhabited by many small fishes; but you may also discover stingrays and angel sharks on your dive. Another special place is Charco del Palo. If you are lucky, you may even encounter manta rays or moon fish while exploring the caves and tunnels.  

Los Charcones – Better than a Hotel Pool

Los Charcones is one of the island’s secret treasures. This little paradise is not easily forgotten!

Fascinating natural pools can be found along the island’s southwestern coast. isolated from touristic Playa Blanca. It also invites you to hike, explore, and relax. The pools are dependent on the tides, so be certain that it is ebbing at the time of your visit.

You won’t find any natural pools walking along the cliffs of the expansive volcanic landscapes. These lagoons are formed by the tides and their shiny blue and turquoise contrasts the darkness of the rocks. Not a single hotel pool can keep up with these natural infinity pools. Small marine life like crabs and fish can be observed frolicking about in the crystal-clear water. 

Of course, you can also swim in the pools! So, take a swimwear with you, and a jacket as well. The weather in Los Charcones is somewhat milder than other locations. To reach the pools, you need to traverse the terrain first and climb down to them. Tight shoes are a must for this. Once you have arrived at the pools, please do not jump down straight in. Instead, check the depth beforehand. Many of the pools are deep enough to jump in, but others are relatively shallow. For this outing, we highly recommend taking a camera, so you can capture the impressive scenery.

On another note, there is an old, abandoned hotel nearby. You can dare to explore the ruins

Hiking Tours

Lanzarote also offers breathtaking hiking tours! You can book a hiking tour along one of the volcanos for example. Of course, it is always easier on the wallet to explore the island yourself. But remember your best friends on this trip are enough water, sunscreen, tight shoes, and a hat against the afternoon sun.

From the old to new harbor

The route from the old Puerto Marítimo Puerto del Carmen harbor to the new Puerto Calero Yacht Marina is one that we highly recommend. It is only ca. 3.4 km long and takes you southeast in the direction of Puerto Calero through busy little alleyways and along the volcanic coastline.

The harbor lies on the southern coast sheltered within a natural enclave. Along the way you will see vast volcanic landscapes, impressive cliffs, and many little coves. You can even climb down to some of them and take a moment to relax there. For that, we recommend that you bring a book and sit down at one of the beautiful viewpoints along the way!

The arrival at Puerto Calero is an invitation in itself to explore the harbor. Afterward you can visit one of the many restaurants in front of the boat docks and enjoy the environment. Not interested in hiking all the way back? Then take a ferry. The ferry brings you right back to where you started at Puerto del Carmen. But check when the ferry leaves beforehand because you would not want to barely miss it or have to wait around for a while.

Playa de Papagayo – relaxation and hiking in one

The Papagayos beaches are among Lanzarote’s most beautiful. They are located on the southwest coast of the island close to Playa Blanca. You can drive up and park relatively close to the beaches, however the route is mostly unpaved gravel roads. Larger rocks can be found on the gravel paths now and then, so we recommend just going to Las Colorads to park.

Your hike will take you through a desert landscape. Again, tight shoes and sunscreen are important for this. After a ca. 2.6 km walk, you’ll catch sight of the first beach. It you like it; you can stop here for your first rest. If you don’t like the first beach, then simply walk farther. There are more small coves along the way where you can completely relax. At the same time, your hike across the terrain affords you plenty of adventure and change.

The scenery is impressive at Papagayo beaches. The crystal clear, turquoise blue water, and the bright beaches form a beautiful contrast to the black rocks.

When you pack your things for the hike, don’t forget your swimming goggles. Snorkeling in the clear water by the Papagayo beaches is incredibly good. Perhaps you may get lucky and even discover a real octopus! If your hike brought you down the hill to the beaches, then you can just walk back along the beach. This gives you a chance to feel the cool shimmering water on your legs.

The Sunday Market in Teguise

Every Sunday the center of the old town Teguise is transformed into a large street market. The small winding alleys are filled with stands and curious onlookers. This market floods the alleys with life as well as dance and music which spreads from the center out into the city.

Treasures at the market

The various stands at the market offer you all kinds of souvenirs for good prices. Many of these products are locally produced like Aloe Vera creams (which work wonders against sunburn) for example, or perfumes and jewelry made from lava rocks (the island’s rock) and olives.

Apart from these local products, many counterfeit brand products are also sold. If you find what you are looking for at the stands, then just trade something. You can usually get the price down to around a few Euros.

More at the market

An outing to the market is best for a beautiful Sunday. But it is not just the market that has something for you, the city itself has a lot to offer. At the city entrance a strange looking garden awaits you. At least it works like a garden; but it is actually an art exhibition. It is called Obscure Point of Horror Modern Art and displays a selection of bizarre sculptures. This sight is one that will interest you.

Classical buildings also exist in this old city. In the center you will find the Inglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. This beautiful old cathedral is definitely worth seeing. Would you like to escape the crowds for a moment? Then just give yourself a minute to sit in the beautiful cathedral and enjoy the peace and architecture.

Buggy tours: A Dash over the Volcanic Slopes

If you would like to discover the adventurous side of the island, then a buggy tour is just for you. In most cases, the only prerequisite here is a valid driver’s license. The adrenaline-charged tours lead you through the rural off roads of the island’s impressive northern region. Of course, there are different paths depending on the provider. These rides take place in smaller family groups but are perfect to go on with either your friends or meeting other travelers.

For this activity you need to wear tight shoes and a jacket. We also recommend taking a cloth with you for protection against the dust clouds.


Lanzarote is one of the best in the Canary Island chain and should be an absolute must on your travel list! The unique nature combined with an inviting culture makes the island special. Whether it is a slow relaxing excursion or a wild adventurous one, there are numerous activities in all areas just waiting for you here.

Have amazing fun exploring the island, but don’t stop here – Lanzarote is not the end of the rainbow! The Canaries still have more incredible islands to offer such as : Teneriffa, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura! 

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