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La Graciosa – The Pristine Pearl of the Atlantic

Sunshine, sea, and a fine white beach – the perfect recipe for relaxation awaits at La Graciosa!

Is the thought of this enough to make you smile? Then you won’t be able to stop for the next few minutes because we’re taking you to a completely untouched island!

We’re traveling from the northernmost tip of Lanzarote to the eighth Canary Island, La Graciosa. Long sandy roads, traditional white houses, and turquoise waters dominate the island’s landscape. You won’t experience a sense of freedom and lightness more intensely than on this island.

La Graciosa’s single tarred road doesn’t cover most of the island; it only serves the refrigerated warehouse at the harbor. Despite this tiny archipelago’s tiny 29-kilometer size, it’s a tourist magnet and welcomes several thousand visitors every summer.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice time seems to pass more slowly. A Canario once said: “When you arrive at Graciosa, you can take off your shoes and forget everything around you.” Sounds amazing, right? It’s true: there’s no better way to describe the smallest inhabited island in the Canaries.

Nothing should stop you from experiencing La Graciosa’s unique and unsurpassable beauty!

La Graciosa Canary Island

Arrival at La Graciosa

You can only get to La Graciosa from Lanzarote. All passenger ferries start north of the island in the small village of Orzola. Please note that if you rent a car, you can’t take it to La Graciosa since there are no real roads on the island. And besides, the ferries don’t carry any vehicles other than bicycles.

If your plane lands in Arrecife, a bus will take you north to Lanzarote in about an hour. If you have some spare time, you can stop at the famous Mirador del Río on your way north, which provides a great view of La Graciosa.

What’s more, during the half-hour boat crossing, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the deep blue ocean and the imposing cliffs ahead.

As soon as you reach land, your island adventure begins! You can explore on foot or by bike or jeep. We highly recommend renting a bike; there’s nothing like riding over dust- and sand-covered roads, through exceptional nature, and along dreamy beaches. Just remember to bring enough water and sun protection because this island has very little shade.

Highlights of La Graciosa

Playa de Las Conchas

Let’s start at the harbor in Caleta de Sebo and bike about twenty minutes to the northwestern side of La Graciosa, where one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches awaits! The famous Playa de Las Conchas has an impressive length of about 500 meters and a width of 100 meters. Did you know that Alexander von Humboldt made a short stop at this beach on his long journey to South America? Incredible, isn’t it?

At Playa de Las Conchas, you can relax and forget everything around you. However, be careful while swimming. A strong swell and an unpredictable current control the waters. It’s better to enjoy the sun and refresh yourself here; the other beaches are more suitable for swimming.

If it gets too hot for you on the beach, you can climb Montana Bermeja. Don’t worry, it’s not a tall mountain – and you don’t want to miss the view of the bay and the Atlantic Ocean!

La Graciosa Beach air view

Barranco De Los Conejos

Take the path going north to arrive at the beautiful Barranco De Los Conejos beach. There are several places worth visiting along the way. From Playa de Las Conchas, you can head towards Playa Lambra. A viewpoint, the Mirador Baja de las Majapalomas, and a beautiful little bay await you. Both places are perfect for some memorable photos.

Our next stop, the fishing village of Pedra Barba, is one of only two villages on La Graciosa. Here, you’ll finally come across houses and people again. There’s also a small harbor and a golden, sandy bay.

Another 20 minutes on the bike, and you can take a long swim at the beautiful Barranco De Los Conejos. With a bit of luck, you’ll have the entire bay to yourself. So, enjoy the quiet and solitude!

Playa Francesa

Playa Francesa is near our starting point, Caleta de Sebo. This incredible bathing beach is only about two kilometers south of the city. You can cool off, take a break from biking, and jump right into the turquoise water as soon as you arrive. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some kite surfers riding the waves!

Playa de la Cocina

Head two kilometers south to find the next dreamy beach, Playa de la Cocina. You can bike directly to this beach for a little more tranquility. Then, we recommend hiking the beautiful Montaña Amarilla. You’ll have a breathtaking view of the southern part of the island and the endless ocean from the top.

Caleta de Sebo

Tourist season is a busy time in Caleta de Sebo, the town’s main village. Even with a small population of 700, the village has several restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a cool drink and the fresh ocean breeze. And don’t be surprised if stores close between 1 and 5 p.m. Despite all the visitors, the locals don’t skip out on their siestas!

There’s also a small bathing bay where you can cool off before taking the ferry back to Lanzarote. 

La Graciosa shoreline


The free campsite near the harbor completes your island adventure. Simply book a place at the national park administration in advance and pack your camping equipment. There are sanitary facilities on site.

Thanks to the pleasant climate all year round, you can camp both in winter and summer. However, you’ll need a tent with a relatively high water column that can also withstand the strong Atlantic winds.

If camping’s not your thing, you can book a nice apartment instead. Most locals also rent out them now. Whether guesthouse or apartment, you’ll find something in every price category.

On an important note, La Graciosa doesn’t have its own fresh water source and gets water and electricity from Lanzarote, so one of the two may occasionally cut out.


The smallest and eighth Canary Island is underestimated and too often forgotten. Every inch of this island is packed with beautiful beaches and stunning views!

You don’t need a car, you don’t have to rely on public transport, you aren’t disturbed by noise or stress. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

La Graciosa will quickly capture your heart with its endless sandy roads and hours of sunshine. Breathtaking bays, turquoise waters, and insanely beautiful views await you. As you happily cruise through the island on your bike, you’ll feel like a real-life Robinson Crusoe!

Let the untouched volcanic landscape, lonely places, and humble roads touch your soul and capture your wandering mind.

Beach lovers will find heaven on earth while visiting La Graciosa, the Pearl of the Atlantic.

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