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The Most Beautiful Interrail Routes in Europe

Are you the type of traveler who prefers to stay in one city and explore it in depth? Or do you prefer to see as many places on your trip? If you’re the type to try to pack in as many kilometers as possible, let us introduce you to the Interrail routes!

Have you ever wanted to travel all of Europe? The idea of exploring Europe with its classic travel destinations and mystical villages is tantalizing. We know the feeling!

Money is probably the first concern that comes to your mind, though. But don’t worry; ever since the Interrail was established in the 1970s, things have gotten way easier. All you need now is an Interrail Pass. This allows you unlimited rail travel for a chosen period of time.

You can travel different Interrail routes to more than 30 countries with this pass. This cost-efficient option allows you to visit many cities and towns and learn more about the culture of each country. The best part is that you can tailor the trip according to your wishes and customize your cross-continental journey.

We have picked a few Interrail routes that are particularly exciting. Read on to see what routes should go on your bucket list.

The Bernina Express

The first of several recommendable Interrail routes, the Bernina Express, takes you from Switzerland to Italy. The Swiss Alps are what make this choice one of the more spectacular Interrail routes on our list of must-dos. The dazzling panoramic view will accompany you the whole ride. You’ll be able to feast your eyes upon countless snow-capped mountains and breathtaking lakes.

The entire route, which starts in the Swiss city of Chur, takes approximately four hours. Other stops on the 122-kilometer-long trip include Davos and St. Moritz before ending in Tirano, Italy.

During your journey, you will get to know the Swiss Alps, and you can enjoy the view from many magnificent bridges. In fact, you’ll cross over 200 bridges and viaducts.

The type of scenery you see will depend on the time of year you visit. We recommend both spring and winter as the best seasons to travel. In winter, you’ll be immersed in a winter wonderland. In spring, everything comes back to life: the meadows are a sweeping green and everything is in bloom.

From Bar to Belgrade

If you ask us which of the Interrail routes is most amazing, we’ll say it’s the route that goes from the Montenegro port city Bar to the Serbian capital Belgrade. Not only is it Montenegro’s only border-crossing train, it is also one of the most impressive journeys you will ever make.

On the way to Belgrade you will pass numerous rivers and lakes. You will also cross the highest railroad bridge in Europe. However, the highlights of the route are mainly on the Montenegrin side. Once you’re in Serbia, that’s it for the mountains – still, passing through the small Balkan villages of Serbia also has its charm.

The Black Forest Railway

One of the best Interrail routes in Germany goes through the Black Forest. The train from Konstanz to Offenburg offers beautiful panoramic views of this special region. The route through Donaueschingen has some of the most spectacular scenery in Germany.

In total, the train reaches an altitude of over 600 meters during its journey of 150 kilometers. Along the way, you’ll pass imposing rock faces and dark forests that give the Black Forest its undeniable fame and charm.

 You should definitely make a stop in Donaueschingen. This dreamlike town epitomizes Black Forest culture. Here, you can try authentic Black Forest smoked pork, along with other specialties of the German countryside.

The Orient Express

This is the longest of the Interrail routes on this list. From London all the way to Istanbul, this route has been around for ages. But it reached iconic status with the success of Agatha Christi’s world-famous novel Murder on the Orient Express.

On your journey, you’ll cross seven countries. Since Istanbul is a bit far, we recommend you make a stop at each major station and spend at least a day there. You’ll be able to explore cities like Paris, Munich, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Sofia.


Whether you want to see several countries in less than a month, or explore one or two cities in depth, we can’t recommend the Interrail routes enough. Buy an Interrail Pass and hop on any number of trains. You’ll travel between breathtaking countries and learn more about charming European cities with rich history. And, the price of an Interrail Pass is less expensive than individual train tickets.

This is a journey of a lifetime. The Interrail Pass has some amazing advantages, especially when it comes to cheap train travel, if that’s your preferred method. Trains are hands-down the best and most fun way to explore Europe in all its layers.

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