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The Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Have you ever been to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg? The beautiful city and state at the same time is a place that you should see in Germany. The second-largest city with its 1.9 million inhabitants offers a particularly high quality of life and contains many cultural monuments that will leave you awestruck.

Hamburg is divided into seven districts and the port is one of the largest trans-shipment ports in the world. When thinking of Hamburg, you might also think of water, due to the countless rivers and canals that run through the landscape. Hamburg lies on the border with Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany and has a cool, moderate climate accordingly. But even here it can get really hot in summer. A ticket for a harbour tour is available from 14 euros, and from 18.50 euros for a city tour.

Hansestadt Hamburg Fluss

Impressive Sites to See in Hamburg

The Imposing Michel

Like every big city, Hamburg has some churches. A very special one is the “Michel”. The St. Michael’s Church is a famous landmark of the city, which will impress you with its baroque style. The historic church has been completely in ruins twice since it was built in the 17th century, but has been rebuilt. The imposing structure, around 132 meters high, offers an overwhelming view from the platform 83 meters above the ground.

Especially at night, a beautiful skyline opens up to your eyes. You have to use the elevator at night, while during the day you can climb the 453 steps on foot. The interior design of the main church is just as fascinating as the red and black exterior facade, with the largest church tower clock in Germany.

You can visit the Hamburg Michel all year round, except during church services. Inside the tower, there is also an exhibition in the vault that takes you on a journey into the history of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

Hamburg Kirche Michel

St. Pauli Piers on the Shore

Hamburg’s water station is another impressive place. These piers known as the “Landungsbrücken” are the starting point for tours in the harbor, ferries, and steamers. Now and then, luxury cruisers can be found there. The facility extends over 700 meters. There you can take a walk on the Elbe and watch the ships. Looking at the water, you can get wanderlust while the wind brushes through your hair.

Souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafés let you pass the time. Across the piers, you can see a theatre on the other bank and the yellow shuttle ferries. When the Second World War raged, large parts of the piers were destroyed. The complex was then rebuilt and further modernized in 1999. In 2003 the building was listed as a historical monument.

First-Class Music in the Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall

The musical Hanseatic City of Hamburg is in a league of its own with the Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall. It is located in the port of Hamburg and fascinates with orchestra music and magnificent architecture. The plaza, which is open to the public, is also located in the concert hall with three auditoriums. The 360 ° panorama will surely mesmerize you.

There is also a luxury hotel and private flats there. The Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall was only opened in 2017, but it can already be interpreted as the landmark and musical heart of Hamburg. After its opening, it got a huge response from the international media.

hamburg elbharmonie

Tunnel under the Elbe

The sensational old Elbe tunnel is a true art of engineering. It was opened in 1911 and the very first river tunnel in the entire continent. It became necessary due to the lack of transport links. The Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow in Scotland served as a model.

This nostalgic tunnel is now a listed building. It is often used for film shoots and events. You can walk through it and come out on the southern bank of the Elbe, where your gaze will meet the already mentioned “Michel”.

Speicherstadt World Heritage Site

The beautiful Speicherstadt is a unique and popular motif for photographs. The huge warehouse complex with its Gothic flair has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The idyllic brick facade, which is reflected in the canals, is a wonderful sight to behold. The listed warehouses were built in 1883.

In the light of the red evening sun, the area becomes an incredibly romantic and fairytale-like environment. You can book one of the historic canal trips to learn more about the history. The Miniatur Wunderland is also located in the Speicherstadt. It is a model landscape that shows the whole world in miniature. It is truly worth visiting!

The Colorful Reeperbahn

In addition to all of Hamburg’s history, the city also has a colorful and flashy side because this is where the famous Reeperbahn is located. If you think it’s just a place where prostitutes hang out, you are wrong. In this district of St. Pauli, there are also great nightclubs, musicals, shows, and live music. All sorts of people come there to get to know this colorful part of Hamburg and to celebrate.

Neon signs adorn the street, and the clubs provide a stage for local and international artists. There are also erotic clubs and shops between restaurants, soccer bars, and cocktail bars. There are of course controversial opinions on this, but regardless of how you feel about it, you have enough different options on the Reeperbahn to pass the time. For example, the “Panik City”, a multimedia experience by the German musician Udo Lindenberg, is also located here. It combines culture, art, and technology.

In September there is a festival on the Reeperbahn, which extends over four days and where even more than 600 concerts take place! So, if you are in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg at this time, you can stop by and enjoy great music. However, you should be wary of pickpockets.

Soccer and St. Pauli

The Millerntor Stadium, which is located in the St. Pauli district, has a seating capacity of 29,546 people. But if you think a soccer stadium is all about soccer, there is more to know. The two associated ballrooms can even be rented for private celebrations. But what’s even more fascinating: the stadium turns into an art gallery for four days a year! The Millerntor Gallery was initiated by Viva von Agua. So, if you are a soccer fan or if you are interested in the arts, you will love this stadium.

hamburg reeperbahn

Sand Hiking

The last remaining moving dune in Hamburg is in the Boberger Niederung nature reserve. The dunes of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg were gradually removed for construction purposes and to level the terrain. Fortunately, a part has been preserved and is under nature protection. Many animals and plants find a retreat there. Therefore, you should behave responsibly during your stay there.

You can walk along there on a hike or just lie down and relax. The fine sand between your toes creates the right holiday feeling. In summer, it can get very hot, and it takes a while to get to the next spot for a shade. After your hike, you can boost your energy in the “Dorfkrug”. It is located on the Boberger Furtweg.


The Hanseatic City of Hamburg combines history and modernity with its diverse range. The beautiful facades and rivers give it a very special charm. If you want to enjoy the wonderful view over the city, then you should go to the viewing platform of the baroque St. Michaelis Church. In addition to the view, this church also impresses with its beautiful architecture.

Either you visit the water station, the Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall, the ever-popular Speicherstadt, the Millerntor football stadium, or the last shifting dune, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg offers you many opportunities to make your stay there exciting. So, what are you waiting for?


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