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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s Capital – the Top 10 Places of Interest

Kuala Lumpur is a multifaceted city and rich in culture. In Malaysia’s capital, you’ll find churches, pagodas, temples, and mosques. Besides the cultural diversity, the architecture is also very impressive. Have fun in the many shopping malls, or visit museums and parks – you won’t be missing a thing here.

To make sure you find your way around the capital and enjoy the best attractions, we summarized the top 10 places of interest in the city for you in this article. Be ready and enjoy your stay in Kuala Lumpur!

Kuala Lumpur in a Nutshell

Kuala Lumpur lies in the southwestern part of the Malaysian peninsula. As you can imagine, the city’s climate is tropical. If you want to know more about the climate in Malaysia, check out our climate guide.

As for the cuisine, you won’t be disappointed here. The national dish is Nasi Lemak, which can be eaten both for breakfast and lunch. The dish is made up of coconut rice with eggs and chicken, but roasted peanuts, dried fish, cucumber, and slightly hot chili sauce complete it. You’ll find this delicacy everywhere in the city, and we really recommend you try it. There are also other dishes to sample! Learn more about Malaysian cuisine here.

In the city, there are many transportation options, like trains, taxis, and private express buses. Just as in every other city, it’s difficult to move forward through traffic during rush hour.

The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is one of the most beautiful events in Kuala Lumpur. During the fiesta, artist groups from more than 10 countries gather to show their talent by setting off balloons. Meanwhile, you can enjoy local delicacies, archery, dancing, music and races. This colorful spectacle is nothing short of beautiful.

By the way, here’s a fun fact about the capital: the Chinese founded Kuala Lumpur, which also explains the city’s rich culture.

The Top 10 Places of Interest in Kuala Lumpur

Now that you know the most important facts about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia in general, it is time to look at the sights! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite places of interest just for you. Have fun!

Petronas Twin Towers

When you’re in Kuala Lumpur, be sure to check out the city’s magnificent symbol – the Petronas Twin Towers. The towers were the tallest building in the world until 2004, but that has changed since then.  Nevertheless, the two towers are the world’s highest twin towers. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take pictures.

Masjid Negara

Masjid Negara is the national mosque of Malaysia and definitely worth a visit. The mosque is characterized by the star-shaped roof and the 73 meters high minaret – it’s very modern looking from the outside. When entering the mosque, you do not need to dress appropriately beforehand, as you will be provided with suitable clothing and a head covering on site. Although sometimes all the clothing may already have been given away, so you might have to wait a little while before you can enter. But that’s no problem, since we respect the traditions and customs of all people. The inside of the mosque is absolutely stunning and worth a visit.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Of course, we also have something prepared for culture and history lovers. Before visiting the gallery, take a picture in front of the I ♥ KL sign. The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is not only a museum, but also a place to learn about the history of Malaysia and its capital. Besides the city’s history, check out exhibitions about the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the city’s skyline, and Little India. The miniature version of Kuala Lumpur is especially popular. Here, you’ll get an idea of the capital’s future projects. Of course, there is also a gift shop in the museum – get a nice souvenir for yourself and your loved ones.

Menara Kuala Lumpur

Menara Kuala Lumpur is the city’s telecommunications tower and the seventh tallest in the world. With its 421 meters, it’s also the tallest in Malaysia. Since it’s located on the 90 meters high Bukit Nanas, you’ll have an impressive view of the Petronas Towers from here. The revolving restaurant can accommodate almost 300 guests. The restaurant rotates for 90 minutes, so you can see the entire city.

Thrill-seekers will also have a great time here. On the top of the tower, there is a base-jumping station, which allows you to jump from a height of 335 meters. Moreover, international jumping events take place here. You’ll also find a small theater and an amphitheater at the base of the tower.

In addition to that, the tower also serves as a radio and monitoring station for the meteorological department, the navy, and the traffic control department. Besides these purposes, the view from the telecommunications tower is simply breathtaking – you won’t forget it.


KLCC Park is right behind the Petronas Towers and the Suria KLCC Mall. The park is not only beautiful but also very clean. There is even a public swimming pool for children to play in. If you’re in need of some relaxation after having been around so many people, this park is the perfect place to do so. Here you will enjoy your time surrounded by palm trees, buildings and the towers. Stroll around the park and take some nice pictures!

Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang is a very popular shopping district and – unlike the expensive shopping malls – the perfect place for smart shoppers. You’ll find shopping malls, Hawker Center, night markets, and bars – everything your heart desires. Here you’ll come across a lot of locals with whom you can start a conversation. Be sure to visit the Arab quarter, your stomach will thank you for it.

Menara KH – Helipad Lounge

Menara KH – Helipad Lounge is a helipad that turns into a bar in the evening. In order to get on the landing field, you have to buy a drink beforehand, but generally there is no entrance fee. The view is just perfect to admire the beautiful sunset. Many people frequent this place, so it can quickly become overcrowded. Still, it’s worth a visit, even if only for the great view and delicious cocktails.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

The temple was built in the 19th century and is part of the Hindu religion. Here, you’ll find oriental sculptures and colorful decorations. It’s one of the most important temples – that’s why the Deepavali Festival of Lights is held here every year.

Bird and Butterfly Park & Aquaria KLCC

Of course, we didn’t forget about nature and animal lovers! The zoo is situated in the botanical garden of Perdana. Especially the colorful birds are bound to impress you. Unlike in other zoos, where the animals are held in cages, the creatures found here are free to roam the grounds. You should pay a visit to this zoo, unless you are afraid of flying birds. Of course, there aren’t only birds – you’ll also find butterflies, beautiful peacocks, and extraordinary hornbills.

The adjacent aquarium is also worth visiting. It is home to more than 5000 marine animals of all kinds, like rays, starfish, and sharks. You can admire the animals from all perspectives while standing inside a 90-meter-long tunnel.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

This outstanding museum holds more than 9000 Islamic artifacts. You’ll find oriental carpets, tiles, beautiful jewelry, calligraphy, splendid architecture, medical texts, and even the Quran. This museum is both interesting and instructive at the same time. So if you wish to explore Islamic religion and culture, this museum is a must-see. Here you will gain an insight into Islam and its culture that will surely impress you.


As you can see, Kuala Lumpur is a city full of attractions. In addition to the many fascinating museums and shopping malls, there also are great parks and cultural experiences.

Everyone should have seen the Petronas Twin Towers at least once in their life – the view is simply breathtaking.  

If you can’t get enough of Kuala Lumpur, head over to our articles about the islands, beaches, and festivals in Malaysia.

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