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Dublin: Ireland’s Capital – the Top 10 Places of Interest

Ireland and especially Dublin are popular destinations amongst backpackers from all over the world. You have surely seen pictures of the dreamy landscapes before. If they made you get wanderlust, then it’s time to get going!

Dublin brings together culture and history, and a lively vibe awaits you there. The city is not only the perfect starting point for an Ireland road trip, but deserves to be explored in detail. One amazing sight follows another.

Are you planning to go to Dublin? This article will get you ready for your trip.

Dublin in a Nutshell

Ireland lies in the Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Europe. With a total area of 84,421 km2, it is Europe’s third-biggest island. The Atlantic Ocean’s rough conditions made Ireland as it is today – with its rocky shores, coves, peninsulas, and islands.

Moreover, due to its position near the North Atlantic current, there is a mild sea climate and the temperature hardly vary. Summers are mildly warm, and winters are mild. Check out our climate guide to find out when to best visit the country – Ireland has a lot of sights to offer!

The capital Dublin is home to 500,000 people and therefore the country’s largest city. Over the last years, it has become one of Europe’s most popular metropolises. Be ready for exciting city life with music, literature, and interesting architecture. Dublin is especially popular amongst young people – half of its population is under 27 years old, making Dublin one of Europe’s youngest cities.

You can explore downtown on foot, but if you do get tired from walking, you can rely on Dublin’s well-structured public transport system. Busses, trams, and trains will get you everywhere. Remember to bring some change for bus rides, since you have to buy tickets directly from the bus driver.

On your trip, be sure to try the Irish Stew. Stews are very popular here and stand for simple and rustic cuisine. But there also are fish dishes, like the Irish salmon or fresh oysters, which are very popular as well.

If it suits your travel plans, be sure to be in Ireland in March. Why is that? Because that’s when the famous St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, dedicated to the eponymous saint. Expect big parades, parties, fireworks, and a jubilant mood. You won’t be disappointed!

In August, another event makes a visit to Dublin worthwhile: the Dublin Irish Festival. Here, you’ll experience traditional Irish music and dances, in addition to various sports competitions and a big market.

If you’re a movie enthusiast, go visit the Dublin Theatre Festival in September/October. At this time of year, Dublin is all about film and theater, and you can choose between a lot of shows.

Did you know that the name Dublin is actually Celtic? It was once called “dubh Linn”, meaning something like “black pool”. The name probably originated from a deep and dirty cove where the Vikings had left their ships.

The Top 10 Places of Interest in Dublin

Now that you know the most important facts about Dublin, we want to show you the city’s top ten places of interest. If you’re not already in love with the capital, you’ll certainly be so after reading this article!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The cathedral is the city’s landmark and thus number one on our list. You can either admire the historical building from the outside or book a guided tour inside. That way, you’ll learn more about the meaning of religion in Ireland and the cathedral’s architecture.

The guided tour is a must for history lovers amongst backpackers! By the way, not only the cathedral itself is worth visiting, but so are the tombs located nearby. Well-known families of Ireland’s history, as well as writers and politicians, are buried there.

The Old Town of Dublin

Dublin is a historical city, with old buildings and narrow streets. So, the old town is the perfect spot to get a good impression of the capital. Stroll through the streets, stop by the small restaurants and cafés and take some pictures. Moreover, here you’ll find the city’s best pubs and some great shops. If you want to get acquainted with the real Dublin, you’re at the right place!

The Guinness Storehouse

Is there a better way to experience Ireland than with a Guinness? The country’s most popular beer is one of the many reasons why backpackers add Ireland to their bucket list. If you also like beer, Dublin holds a very special attraction for you – the Guinness Storehouse.

Here, you’ll learn everything about brewing Guinness. There also are tastings, and you’ll be walking through the large hall where you can observe the brewing process from up close – a dream come true for beer lovers. But of course, all backpackers are welcome here!

Dublin’s Museums

The Irish weather can sometimes be unpredictable. There are often rain showers, so the following attractions will come in handy: Dublin’s museums. What’s better than moving sightseeing indoors when the weather’s not playing along? The National Museum of Ireland and the many art museums are our favorites.

Here, you’ll learn everything about Dublin’s history, culture and its development. Freely walk through the museums or take part in a guided tour and listen to the experts’ stories. No matter what you choose, the museums are really worth a visit.

Trinity College

Since when is a school an attraction? Since always! You certainly won’t regret visiting Trinity College,  a true historical highlight of Dublin, and one of the oldest universities worldwide. Moreover, the Trinity Library holds one of the oldest books worldwide.

If that isn’t reason enough to place Trinity College at the top of your list, then we don’t know what is! Take part in a guided tour or walk around campus freely. Be sure to visit the library and the museum – you wouldn’t want to miss seeing one of the oldest books with your own eyes!

St. Patrick’s Day

We’ll say it once more: celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is an incredible experience. If this festivity takes place during your stay, you’re very lucky indeed!

Take to the streets to party with locals and other travelers, and visit numerous pubs. The parades are spectacular every year. Not for nothing do they attract people to the streets of the city – it’s a party you’ll never forget.

Temple Bar

This isn’t only a bar, but a whole district! Dublin’s Temple Bar is full of surprises, especially the many pubs, bars, and nightclubs that characterize the district. Both  backpackers and locals consider it the place to go when it comes to fun and entertainment.

In the evenings, the district truly comes to life – party hard, try out all the drinks, and expect an unforgettable night.

Dublin Castle

And now for some more history. Dublin Castle is one of Dublin’s most popular attractions. It’s a must-see on every city tour, so be sure to pay it a visit, too.

It’s located a bit higher than the rest of the city. The fortress and the castle are of great historical significance. Dublin Castle is rounded up by a small museum and a library, making for an unforgettable visit. Here, you’ll learn about Dublin’s history and the city itself.

The City Park

Do you need a break from sightseeing? Then Dublin’s huge city park is the right place for you. Here, you’ll get the chance to wind down and enjoy the surrounding nature.

The park, known as Phoenix Park, is a popular place to hang out in Dublin. Especially during summer, it’s perfect for a picnic. It’s a great alternative to sightseeing and definitely worth a visit. Get together with some friends from your hostel and off you go to Phoenix Park!

Old Jameson Distillery

Ireland isn’t famous only for beer, but also for whiskey. The Old Jameson Distillery has produced whiskey for a long time – in this building, Irish whiskey tradition was born. Nowadays, you can book a guided tour to learn everything there is to know about it.

Naturally, a whiskey tasting is also included, making a visit even more appealing. No matter if you’re a whiskey lover or just want to try it for the first time, the distillery is absolutely worth a visit. It’s very interesting and deserves to be a part of a backpacker’s tour.  


In Dublin, fun is guaranteed – the city is characterized by a relaxed and positive vibe. The many attractions make for an unforgettable stay.

Every backpacker will find what they’re looking for here – from culture to cuisine, and more. Your time in Dublin will be multifaceted and memorable, that’s for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Go on your Irish adventure!

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