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Plan your trip to Boston!

There is a lot to explore in this city on the US east coast. Boston is one of the oldest US cities. As the nickname implies, you can reach all of its cultural and historic sights on foot. It is located on the Atlantic seaboard and surrounded by lakes and water. Boston has a variety of cultural influences. You can spot its Irish origins in South End and its Italian roots in North End. By train, you can reach many other interesting cities from Boston, like New York City or Washington, D.C. We’re here to show you all the must-see sights in the city of the New England Patriots.

Historical Significance

Boston is a city full of history. The “cradle of liberty” points to the origin of the American Revolution through its architecture. The Boston Tea Party is still one of the most significant events in US history. It led to the American Independence War in 1775 and ended with the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In Boston, you can re-live this part of US history on the Freedom Trail. This route is about four kilometers long and guides you through Boston’s history. The tour begins at Boston Common, the oldest metro park in the country, and ends on the USS Constitution, a US Navy frigate. The Freedom Trail is marked by a red line on the sidewalk; it guides you to 17 famous sights in the city. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to follow the route.

Universities, Museums and Art

Boston is a lively student city, which gives the oldest US city a bit of modernity. The world-famous Harvard University is located in Cambridge, a suburb of Boston. Moreover, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also located in Boston. Besides these two renowned universities, there are many other universities in the area as well. As a result, the region is said to be the focal point of US education. You can easily reach Harvard by tram. The elite university features some magnificent architecture and many museums, including the Harvard University Art Museums and the Harvard Museums of Cultural and Natural History. On both museum complexes, there are various individual museums, which are all worth visiting. Ideally, you should look online or ask the receptionist at Harvard Square what museums suit you best. There’s definitely something here for you!

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston are also notable. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a private museum and displays breathtaking exhibits from Asia, Europe and America. Some of the well-known artists that are exhibited here are Rembrandt and Monet. The museum became famous through an art robbery in 1990. The identity of the robber remains unknown to this day. The picture frames are still on the wall as they were on the day of the robbery.

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is Boston’s largest and oldest museum. The museum includes more than 450,000 pieces and is known for its impressionist paintings. Your trip through the museum will first lead you through the history of Ancient Egypt and end in the 20th century. A small insider tip: the museum offers cocktails, tapas and music once a month. Moreover, the ticket is valid for two visits within 10 days. It’s worth visiting the museum twice, since it’s very large, and it’s easy to get lost. Look up what exhibits you really want to see and how they’re structured before you get there. If you visit Boston in spring, you shouldn’t miss the art in bloom. The MFA celebrates the arrival of spring by reinterpreting the art gallery and decorating the museum with gorgeous flowers.

Weather Conditions in Boston

With warm summers and cold winters with lots of snow, Boston is a great travel destination all year round. But the best time to travel to the cosmopolitan city is May to November. When the trees bloom and nature becomes more lively in spring, the city offers great views of the many sights. Summer is relatively mild here. Very hit days are rather rare, but it can be humid in July and August.

You can easily reach two winter resorts from Boston, Vermont and New Hampshire. Moreover, the city offers impressive moments in winter and during the Christmas season. The city is decorated in green and red, and the lights get every visitor into the holiday spirit.

In spring and fall, the temperature here is perfect, and the city is cast in beautiful colors. During the Indian Summer, you can visit golden forests in Massachusetts, called leaf peeping, or see the play of colors in parks, at universities and in small alleyways. The Indian Summer should be on your to-do list. If you want to see the play of color in nature, you will get your money’s worth in the Berkshire Mountains.

What You Can Experience in Boston

You see that there are a lot of cultural and historic sites in the city of independence. What you can’t miss either is a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Red Sox fans have an intense rivalry going on with the New York Yankees. If you’re lucky, you will experience a memorable match. If you’re interested in ice hockey and basketball, you may watch Bruins or Celtics games at TD Garden. Be sure to check if there are any matches in Boston if you really want to see one. Tickets sell out quickly, so it’s worth having a look as soon as possible.

For music lovers, the House of Blues is the perfect spot to relax. It’s located at Fenway Park. However, Boston has even more to offer: The very first House of Blues was opened at Harvard Square in Cambridge in 1992. Unfortunately, the first location has been closed. At Fenway Park, you can listen to talented live bands, admire folk art and enjoy delicious food! Historically, the House of Blues stands for blues that became famous as a poetic and musical form of expression by African Americans. But you can see bands of various genres here today, including rock, pop, soul and funk. Maybe there’s something for your taste as well!

Beacon Hill is one of the most expensive and popular neighborhoods of Boston and is north of Boston Common. Among cobblestone sidewalks and gas lighting, you can also find some excellent sights, delicacies and restaurants. You might want to know that Beacon Hill is a popular travel destination for locals as well as tourists, so accommodations are expensive. If you’re on a small budget, travel to the area via tram. In Beacon Hill, you will find the Massachusetts State House and the Boston Athenaeum, one of the oldest libraries and museums in the US.

If you want to work out a bit, you can rent a bike to ride along the Charles River Promenade and enjoy the warm weather. The promenade offers a bike route of about 27 kilometers, so you can spend your entire day there. You will get a great view of the river, as well as Boston’s surroundings and the famous Back Bay Brownstone building.

Food and Drinks

Boston’s different neighborhoods have historically been influenced by European immigrants. Therefore, there are many different specialties you cannot miss out on!

When you’re in Boston, you must try a lobster roll, otherwise you can’t claim to have been to Boston. It’s a simple dish, but it’s one of the city’s trademarks, which means that it can be quite pricey in certain areas. North End is known for its Italian cuisine, since mostly Italians immigrated to this area. There, you can find many small family restaurants and trattorias that will take you on a culinary journey to Italy. If you’re searching for pizza, pasta and seafood, you’ll find it here. For fans of Asian cuisines, Chinatown has many options to fill up on Asian specialties.

By the way, Boston has a big and lively bar culture. The numerous university students in Boston contributed to that. For bar hopping, go to Harvard Square or Fenway Park. On your individualized bar hopping tour, you can eat and drink your way through Boston.


As you can see, Boston offers memorable moments all year round, but it’s especially great in the spring and the fall. It is a historic city full of culture that will take you on a journey back to America’s War of Independence. So, don’t miss the Freedom Trail. Thanks to Boston’s famous and renowned universities, the city has a young and dynamic image. Art, music, and food play key roles in this city. If you prefer nature and mountains, you won’t be disappointed, either. Especially if you’re willing to look for some natural delights a bit further away from the city. Keep in mind the Indian Summer – you won’t want to miss this natural spectacle! No one will come up short here. So, have you started looking for flights yet?

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