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Affordable Travel Destinations

As a backpacker, it is very normal to be on a strict budget. We all know that feeling of constantly checking your savings to see if you have enough for your next journey. Thankfully, there are enough cheap hostels and backpacker-friendly offers all around the world to make affordable travel possible.

We will show you the best travel destinations to satisfy your wanderlust without needing a huge amount of savings. What are the most affordable travel destinations for backpackers? Where do you get the most for your money? Let us begin the journey across the globe through the most affordable places. Hopefully this will kick-start your next adventure!

What is an Affordable Travel Destination?

Let us start with the most important question – how do you know a country is affordable enough to visit? Many factors play a role in deciding if a country is suitable for a backpacker, and to be honest, if you are looking at flight costs alone, some travel destinations are more expensive than others, right? Travelling costs from Europe to Thailand are of course higher than to the Adriatic Sea, but that changes just a few hours after your arrival.

To evaluate the country, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • travel costs (flight/train/car)
  • hostel prices per night (in bigger cities as well as other places)
  • transport options and costs
  • living expenses (How much do you pay in a restaurant? How much do you pay in a supermarket?)
  • Any visa costs?

That is how to get a clear overall picture that will give you a good idea of the total prices. Now, back to the example of Thailand and Italy. To get to the Adriatic Sea from Europe, you pay less than a flight to Bangkok. But accommodation and food in Italy cost more than in Bangkok. In addition, the transport facilities go beyond the means of a backpacker’s budget. But which countries are really affordable travel destinations for backpackers?

Big Adventure, Small Budget: 13 Affordable Travel Destinations

Destination 1: Cambodia

We will begin with Asia, a continent which is known to be very famous amongst backpackers. One of the most affordable travel destinations here is Cambodia. Fly via Singapore or Bangkok to find special offers – that way you have covered the most significant costs. Once you are there, a small budget goes a long way. Hostels cost between four and ten euros and the buses, which take you across the whole country, usually only cost up to 15 euros. In addition to that, you will get a bit of luxury for a bit of money. So, if you want a really lovely holiday, rent a beautiful bungalow on the beach at a low price and have the best time there.

Destination 2: Sri Lanka

Still in Asia, the small island of Sri Lanka is becoming more and more popular amongst backpackers. It is one of the most affordable destinations worldwide. Tourism there is still budding, so you only need a small amount of money to move from A to B. With cheap homestays close to the beach or in the middle of tea plantations, everything is sorted. And street food won’t hurt your budget either.

Destination 3: Morocco

Do you want an adventure in Africa to finally see the Sahara Desert with your own eyes at a low cost? Morocco is one of the region’s lowest-priced holiday destinations, and it also has a lot to offer. You will find accommodation there for around five to ten euros, and a tour to visit the Sahara only costs 30 euros. Moreover, the food there is very cheap, and there are low-cost souvenirs at the local markets.

Destination 4: Slovenia

How about a backpacking adventure in Europe? Instead of Spain and other popular places, why not head to Slovenia to experience the many things that this country has to offer, especially in nature. Everything for a low price – sounds good, doesn’t it? Bus journeys cost about 20 euros each and the hostels are very affordable at 10-12 euros per night. In particular, when it comes to food, you will find something for just a few euros.?

Destination 5: Bolivia-

Have you given South America­­ a thought? This is a real backpackers’ paradise. Bolivia is in a league of its own with full adventure experiences at reasonable prices. Use the night buses to save money on accommodation, and in the cities you will find a wide range of affordable homestays and hostels. Roughly 25 euros per day will be enough for food, accommodation, and an unforgettable experience. That is why this country is really an extremely affordable travel destination.

Destination 6: Kazakhstan

Want to adventure away from the beaten track? Backpackers also love to get to know the unknown countries and get away from the tourist masses. The obvious advantage is that such countries are usually very affordable. Take a look at Kazakhstan: one night in a hostel will only cost you four euros, and if you are eating in local restaurants, your meal cost will set you back no more than seven euros per day. Also, the tours and activities give excellent value. The country offers a unique opportunity to get the most out of your trip.

Destination 7: Laos

Back to Southeast Asia, you can save a lot of money whilst still having the full experience in Indochina. As well as Cambodia, Laos is also worth visiting. This country is not full of tourists either, so traveling all over the country will only cost you 20 euros per day. With cheap hostels but an appealing backpacker scene nonetheless, Laos is an affordable travel destination.

Destination 8: Nicaragua

For many backpackers, Nicaragua is a totally new holiday destination. This country offers fantastic beaches, volcanos, and much more for a small budget. The charming accommodation options have beds for as little as six euros and, for a bit more, sleep directly on the beach with unique views. The flight to South America costs between 300 and 600 euros. You will definitely find a good offer, especially if you are flexible. Nicaragua is an ideal and affordable travel destination for every backpacker who has always wanted to visit a totally new country.

Destination 9: Greece

With a bit of know-how, you will find affordable travel destinations in Europe. Many backpackers don’t expect Greece to be amongst them, and of course, we are not talking about Santorini. Northern Greece and the mainland are the country’s affordable regions. Here you will get a hostel room for 10 to 20 euros, and travel across the country by bus. You see, with the right tips, visiting countries like Greece is possible with any budget.

Destination 10: Nepal

An adventure in the Himalayas with little money! Nepal offers you the absolute dream travel destination if you’re on a budget. Travel comfortably by bus across the country, with an average of 14 euros. Also, just a few euros will get you a bed in accommodation, and even a private room only costs between six and nine euros. Moreover, it is possible to make trekking fit your budget and so Nepal has a lot to offer.

Destination 11: Ecuador

South America also has affordable travel destinations to offer. Ecuador is the place to be, to enjoy and experience nature with little money. This country is made for backpackers, so no dream goes unfulfilled, even on a small budget.

Destination 12: Malaysia

If there is one thing you are sure to find in Malaysia, it is an affordable food paradise. For little money, you will find the most delicious meals at the numerous food stalls, and the traveling itself in this relatively developed country is a dream for backpackers. From comfortable hostels to good bus connections, you will find everything at a reasonable price. In addition, Malaysia offers amazing beaches to give you that much-needed break. For as little as three euros, you can stay directly on the beach in one of the bungalows or campsites.

Destination 13: Vietnam

Finally, almost every backpacker dreams of Vietnam or has already been there. Not only does this country have a big street food scene with affordable food, but it also has night buses, cheap hostels, and many attractions. It has everything which characterizes an affordable holiday destination. What more could you possibly dream of?


Well, we have once again proven that there is no need to spend loads of money to travel. Instead, use a bit of knowledge and experience as a backpacker to visit almost every country and adapt it to your budget. If you’re still looking for ways to financially prepare for a trip, check out our article on saving money while traveling. There are so many affordable travel destinations to choose from, so you are sure to find the right choice for your next adventure!

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