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Thailand is the most popular destination in Southeast Asia for both beginners and experienced backpackers. Beach, culture, party, nature, action, cities, relaxation - there's hardly any other country as diverse as the Land of Smiles.

Even if time and budget are limited, you will find endless possibilities to explore Thailand. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, you can easily get from A to B, and the low prices will be easy on your wallet.

Whether you want to try traveling alone or start your adventure together with friends, our itinerary will take you to the most beautiful places all over Thailand.

From €980

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A new generation of backpackers has been born and with it a new definition of traveling.
The old idea of the backpacker with difficult travel experiences is a thing of the past.

Through technological advancements and social movements, Generation Z has found a solution for a smarter, more connected and mindful way of traveling.

+ Smart planning process.

+ Budget and experience optimization.

+ Personal growth through traveling.

+ Social and environmental awareness.

User Testimonies

Emma Fischer

Digitaler Nomade

Trip planning is totally time-consuming. For my Thailand trip, I had to go to multiple platforms and had to book everything separately - flights, accommodations, etc.

As a result, I had tons of different confirmation emails and apps. To have it all simplified in just one app now is a game changer. Thank you, Backpacker Trail!

Lisa Klein

Digitaler Nomade

It has always been my dream to go backpacking after high school. I just never knew how to go about it. The Masterclass helped me a lot, I got the best advice - things I would never have thought of.

From packing lists to travel insurance to tips on how to save money, it was all there. Also, the live calls made me feel completely taken care of, as the course creators personally addressed my individual concerns. Now I feel perfectly prepared, my parents don't need to worry about me traveling and I can start my adventure with peace of mind!

Marie Hofmann

Digitaler Nomade

The Backpacker Trail community is just awesome! We don't just share our itineraries with each other, but you also get insider tips from others.

That' s how I was able to have some authentic experiences at some spots in Colombia away from the crowds. I would never have found these places without the community's insider tips.

Learn more about Backpacker Trail

Our vision is a world in which all backpackers are able to create, experience and share their own individual trips as they develop their own personality and strive for self-discovery.

Our exceptional tribe consists of more than 20 nationalities who all share one passion: backpacking. As part of the tribe, you don't work for us, but rather with us!

Being part of our team means being part of something big. Build something with us that has never existed before and join us as we kick off a new era of backpacking together!

No more annoying trip planning, no more booking on various platforms! We are the revolution of backpacking!

Work with us

Backpacker Trail made the second place of Travel Startup 2021!

8 finalists competed against each other and presented their pitches. In the end, the jury voted: We are the second-best travel startup in Germany!

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The same destinations promoted again and again

It's time for a new era of backpacking.

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